Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Y.

Last night, we hiked up the Y. In Bio, we had an extra credit opportunity that entailed watching a sunset and writing our thoughts and inspirations of it. With school in mind first, we decided to turn it into a group date. The day we were going to do it bounced around a bit, so unfortunately we only had one girl go. but thats alright because it was a really fun bonding experience for the guys.

I think that this may be my new favorite picture of myself. haha

it was kinda smoggy, but still pretty spectacular.

On the way up, Eric (pictured below) made a joke about mike carrying his huge fur jacket up the mountain. Mike responded by smacking the waterbottle out of eric's hand and down the mountain. Eric couldnt bear to leave his treasured nalgene on the mountain, so he climbed down this STEEP bush area to get it. he was delighted to find his baby.

he looks a lot like cramer from sienfeld. we make him bust through our door sometimes for fun.

Here we have the provo and the remnants of color from the sunset.


Camie said...

Taylor--that is an awesome picture of you. You should print it and frame it! Or hand it out to girls you are interested in to make a great impression.

sassparilla said...

except for you're wearing a tie dye shirt. can't we rid the world of those monstrosities???

also. you said "the provo."