Monday, September 3, 2007

People i have met:

This is the first of many people i have met posts, telling stories of people and how i met them/how i am connected to them.

1. Megan Kearn. I went to church on sunday and sat next to a girl during sunday school. We went around introducing ourselves, and i heard her say her last name was 'kearn.' Interesting, i thought, so i leaned over and asked if her grandpa was russ, and she said yes, and i asked if he had just married afton, and she said yes, and then we both said 'whats up cousin!?' I later found out that our dads roomed on the same floor or something. crazy.

2. Mitch Jergensen. I got back to my dorm after visiting hours and found a ton of notes, but one said 'mitch says 'come talk to me taylor!'' so i do and find out he is matt's cousin! crazy.


Camie said...

Brother!! Welcome to the blogging world! It's so funny you met Mitch--so he's on your floor? Matt's family will be so happy to hear it! They love family connections.

sassparilla said...

just wait... you'll only find more and more random family connections as you go. long live the BY!

Matt said...

T-Bone! Sounds like you are having fun. You need Mitch to introduce you to my cute cousins!!

Taylor Jensen said...

matt your cousin rachel is in my ward too. i am going to meet her sometime.