Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Listen Responsibly: a rebuttal to my sister's blog

While i respect the opinions of my sister's students, i disagree.

In their analysis, 'Think Responsibility,' they argue that we listen to too much music and that that drains our opinions and personality out. I have prepared the following counter-arguments.

1. listening to music while doing the mundane things in life makes you feel like you are starring in your own movie. Who hasnt thought that as they play their favorite song as a backdrop to a boring chore or walk? Personally, i enjoy throwing on my ipod to listen to a song every now and then on my walk back from class. Or better yet... 'we are the champions' after doing well on a test. Point: music spices up the mundane in life, and boosts self esteem by making one think they are starring in their own movie. (note: i kicking piles of dry leaves or giving a cheesy jump down the stairs ads to self-movie delight.)

2. I am a superstitious kinda guy. On the way to every soccer game i play, i listen to the same songs to get me fired up. If i was left to my own on these drives, i would be having the following think-conversation:
'you're going to win, T.'
'yes i am.'
'you're going to make some sick saves, T'
'sounds good to me.'
'you're going to throw it on the line tonight, T.'
'can i turn on the radio?'
Point: Listening to music can get you in the mood for anything (athletics, dates, homework, etc.)

3. Music relieves stress. This one is a fact. Here comes the example: This weekend, we discovered the 'Hide yo kids, hide yo wife' song, and have been singing it and quoting it always. On Monday, I had a tough spanish test to take, dealing with prepositions. That is not a something that rivets my soul, so my studying before the test was half-hearted. At one point, i got up off the couch and just said 'Well, its go time. I'm just going to go take this thing.' And I was off. I sat down in the ominous testing center and began. It was hard. Blast. I am about 14 questions in, 86 to go. Then, out of nowhere, enters the following: 'Hide yo kid, hide yo wife... We gonna find you, we gonna find you!' I literally put down my pencil and thought how ridiculous and hysterical it was that that song was stuck in my brain. Then i realized that it was perfect for the test! for the next 86 questions, i would read the statement and then, as i was examining the multiple guess responses, i would sing 'Im gonna find you! im gonna find you!' Turns out i found enough of the right answers, scoring a 93 on that test that i didnt really prepare too well for. Point: The humor and stress relief of music saved me on that test.

4. I am listening to music right now as i write this blog. currently playing: Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. It gives me swagger to do what i do.

Maybe i am just avoiding awkward conversations with my subconscious. I just had 2 years of music-free life to get to know the insides of my brain. For now, i think i'll stick with the soundtrack currently playing in the background of my life.

Intramural Sporting News:

Its been a while since i've posted. i am happy to say that i am still doing cool things with my life... its just that i never have my camera to take pictures! note to self: take your camera out of your trunk. Anywho, this post is dedicated to my intramural sports and the injuries they have produced!

#1. the Ankle. This happened in my first and only ultimate frisbee game about a month ago. I went up for a sick grab in the end zone, and in an effort to keep my foot inbounds, landed bad on it. A trip the next day to the ER showed i hadnt broken anything, but we are pretty sure i messed up the ligaments a bit. Note: it still hurts when i try and turn left or right off it, and is still swollen on the front part.
#2. No photo available. The Knee. In a soccer game, i landed bad on my knee and it swelled up really big afterwards. I iced it and everything, and the next day it was pretty bad. Luckily, though, it got better within two or three days. it was scary though! i couldnt bend it!

#3. Last saturday in our soccer game, i got a nice turf burn (all my soccer games are on turf.... its a blessing and a curse worthy of another blog post.) anyways, it scabbed up a bit. then last night in my game i opened it up again and it bled a lot! it was pretty intimidating i guess. After then game i took my sock off and it was still bleeding, so i let it run down to my ankle. showering fresh turf burns hurt!!

But, the good news is that our soccer team is currently 6-0. we have scored 36 goals and allowed 2. Thats not too shabby! we are in the tournament now, and played our first game last night ( a 6-0 victory.) apparently we are playing the #1 ranked team in our next game. (rankings are so arbitrary...we'll see how good they really are!)

Moral of the story: Life is meant to be lived in a hardcore fashion.