Friday, September 14, 2007

(almost) Disaster.

So last night at about 11 we decided to watch a movie. due to copyright laws or some shinanigans, we werent allowed to watch it in the lobby of our hall, so we took a laptop out into the lawn and sat on some blankets and watched our DVD with some speakers hooked up to it and stuff. All was going well until sprinklers started popping on. This caused some chaos as everyone scrambled to gather up their shoes, laptop, speakers, backpacks, purses, etc. I ended up running through the sprinklers a bit to pick up all the extra stuff that was left and we went to a new, dry place to finish our flick.

about 20 minutes after we got there, i realized i didnt have my cell phone. we called it and it wasnt anywhere around us, so i took a phone and went into the sprinklers to find my phone sitting there in the middle of the grass, soaked. The front display didnt work and the main screen was solid white, so we took out the battery and started airing it out. This morning, i got a blowdrier from a guy on my floor and started the recovery process. i could call people and get texts, but the calls were a little fuzzy and the front lcd didnt work.

i have been blowdrying it all day and i just put the battery back in and EVERYTHING WORKS!!! i was pretty stoaked, so this post goes out to my cell phone, who i will never leave out in the sprinklers again.


sassparilla said...

brother, you're a pretty funny writer. i like that you said, "who," as if your phone is a person.

ugh, i remember the days when we couldn't watch movies in the lobby either. so classic to go watch a movie in the grass.

Matt said...

Taylor-that's better than when one of our cell phones ended up in the washing machine and it was totally dead. I guess we should have put it in the dryer to fix it!!