Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to the barber shop!

May Hall= MayHem! take a minute just to look at this picture. Savor it. Explanation will follow.

look at the trustful look mitch is giving me in the first picture. haha. he knows he is about to get a good looking cut.
Here is the story of its founding: We had an intramural volleyball game on tuesday night, and we have to have 4 people there by gametime or else we forfeit. We had four people and a fifth on the way, but one of them (Mitch) couldnt sign in due to his hair being a honor code violation. (your hair cannot cover your ears or go beyond your collar). So in desperate need of our fourth man in order to check in, Mitch and i ran into the locker room and borrowed a pair of scissors. Uh-oh.

As you can see, we went straight up mullet. We did just what we needed to: excavate the ears. brilliant. Mitch rushed back to the court to check in only to find that our fourth man had gotten there and that the other team was a no show!! he was pretty upset.

Tonight we had visiting hours from 7-9. Mike (the buff guy in the picture above) decided to un-bleach his hair and go back to his brownish state. So while all the girls were here dying his hair, mitch and i got involved in the hair styling. I got a pair of scissors and tucked a comb on my ear like a pencil or something and went to work to 'magnify the mullet.' Not only is it a quality mullet, i feel like i did a really good job on the actual haircut aspect of it. Maybe i should go into hairstyling! Here is the finished product:

The jacket seals the deal.

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