Thursday, September 6, 2007

My new home.

I am giving a virtual tour of the dorm room. first is the desk. i have all my pictures on the wall, the books above it, and the random junk i brought above that. take note of all my food. i have tons of gatorade, bread w/ peanut butter and jam, ritz peanut butter crackers, nilla wafers, and cheese nips. also notice the shameless plug for the blog on the computer screen :)

Next we have the sink. right side is mine. pretty self explanatory.

Next is the bed. sorry mom, i kept it really orderly and stuff for the first few days here, but that was because i was bored and didnt have any friends or anything to do. so here it is:

and finally, the view out the window. it is actually really sweet, but joe and i leave the blinds closed because it is SO BRIGHT! see the other pictures-- the blinds are down for them.

i just got my Y flag in the mail, so that is going up on the wall soon.
im off to econ studies. peace out.


Camie said...

Brother!! That's the same view Matt had from his room. He was in 2217. A very lucky floor for good looking guys to live! So you already stopped making your bed?? At least throw the comforter over when the girls come for visiting hour!!

sassparilla said...

you need some posters on the wall.