Monday, September 3, 2007

This is why i have no friends...

So BYU had their first foot all game on saturday afternoon and they beat Arizona 20-7. it was a sweet game and i was on the second row on the 5 yard line. They were sweet seats! but unfortunately, they were also in the sun. I, being filled with school pride, painted a Y on my forehead and but 2 streaks of eye black under my eyes. After the game and post game shower (it was probably 95 degrees there) i realized that my new school spirit was now burned into my face. take a look.

Awesome, huh?

i was just kidding about the no friends part. thats how i felt on thursday and friday, but saturday and today were great. i have met TONS of new people and am getting to know the guys on my floor pretty well. I love it here!

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