Thursday, September 13, 2007

Canada, Eh?

So my roommate is from minnesota and naturally has a little bit of a canadian-influenced dialect. He says his A's weird, such as beg for bag and fleg for flag and stuff like that. we like to poke fun at it if it ever sounds really bad or is a funny word.

Little did i know that by rooming with him, i would start picking it up!! yesterday i was walking with one of my friends and i said beg instead of bag. I was so disappointed in myself. it wasnt a straight up beg thought. it was like baeg. haha.

So this post is a tribute to all of the goofy words that joe says in his native accent

geg (gag)
ya sure you betcha (haha he never says this but he said tons of people there do)

there will be more to come for sure. his accent isnt bad at all. its just sometimes and it is hilarious on some of the words. he is trying to change his vowel sounds, but we like it. haha.

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