Monday, July 7, 2008

Me Vs. Christian Bale

I head about 500 times at school that i look like christian bale. i beg to differ. christian bale looks like me. here is a 10 point in depth analysis of why:1. we have similar shaped mouths/lips. same size, same whatever.
1a. our smiles are similar
2. similar colored eyes. i claim my eyes are ROY G BIV (the colors of the rainbow). his are a similar cluster of colors.
3. we both have large eyebrows
4. we both have widows peaks
5. we both have low hair lines in the back of our head
6. our ears are similar in size, shape, and how much they stick out
7. our chins are very similar.
8. the hair on the sides of our head both naturally go horizontal instead of straight down.
9. our cheeks are about the same size and structure, and
10. we both are super heros who look good in suits.

agree or disagree?