Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, its been a while.

Well, its been a while since ive posted. Ive successfully finished the first month being back from the mission! its been weird. But im still alive! Some quick hits on stuff ive done:

CLIMBING!!! ive been like 12 times now. i can still do it! wahoo!Movies-- Avatar, Batman (i had already seen it, but i love that one), Kung Fu Panda, Iron Man.
Music- i dont like the new music yet...
Classes-- im taking accounting, new testament, living prophets, spanish, communications, and humanities
Sports: Ulitmate Frisbee, Soccer, and Football. I sprained my ankle really bad playing ultimate. X-Rays showed it wasnt broken or too too bad, so with the help of my new trusty ankle brace, i was playing soccer 3 days later. (8-0 shutout. yeah baby.)thats about it on me for the past month. I dont have any crazy stories... yet.
just give that some time. I'll be back to it soon.

ps. i love mate.