Monday, September 17, 2007

This was a long time coming,

but we finally got a quote wall up. when you live with the same guys for a while (what, 2.5 weeks?), you are bound to say something stupid or hilarious at some point. So here is the written manifestation of our stupid quotes. I'll highlight some of my favorites.

The personal favorites:

"I slept in a laundromat last night" Brently

Whats those? eric

It was a Slice of Destiny- Brently

I swear she was a senior- Joe

all the aforementioned joe speech problems

there is nothing better than waking up and being in taylor's warm arms- Mike

I only have one quote on the wall and that is that joe is my anti-drug. haha. i am involved in some others, but i am never the reason it is on the wall.

good times. we need more paper.


Camie said...

That's classic brother. It is funny how it seems like you have known those people forever, but you just barely met! That's awesome

sassparilla said...

classic. i used to make cards to put on my wall. some favorites that still get circulated:

- wanna spoon? or want a spoon?
- do yellow + blue m&m's = green m&m's?

um, i think that's all that make sense to anyone else.

ps - does anybody besides your sisters read your blog?

Mom said...

Your mom always reads--but is a silent lurker!