Saturday, October 27, 2007

Birthday Bash

Wednesday, October 24th, the year of our Lord two thousand seven marked the passing of my 18th year. here is how it went:

12:01 AM. I have a loud banging on my window. i think its the guys above me, so i go and open up my window only to find 5 girls from my freshman academy standing out there to be the first ones to sing happy birthday. The guys above me got in on it and climbed down into my room too. haha it was a party.

12:20AM: Cousin Megan, Jackie, and Abby come over to be the first to give my Tarzan. Great day.

12:30AM i go to matt hubbard's room, who is on the first floor, who also has the 5 girls outside his window talking

1:15AM i go to bed

8:30AM i wake up and pretend like its christmas and open up my birthday package from mama. Great day-- i got monsters inc, aladin, mulan, and tarzan again, as well as ski money, a new shirt, and a party bag. I put in tarzan in, sat down with my a bowl of froot loops and enjoyed. Until i found a rock in my cereal. gross.

9:40 i go to class.

11:00 AM after class, some of my friends sing happy birthday, then tackle me and put me over mikey's knee who is sitting on a bench, and he proceeds to give me 19 spankings as everyone is walking to and from class. it was pretty funny. and i got a birthday kiss...from a dude on my floor. haha.

7:00 PM volleyball game. Victory. would you expect anything less? nope.
8:00 PM the girls in my freshman academy threw me a party with pizza and 2 cakes-one from cousin megan and one from anne pearson. it was a lot of fun.

then i watched tarzan. great day. ill put pictures on when i get them.


Putzer said...

you seem to have forgotten:
5:15am my amazing brother calls because he cares for his big brother.

sassparilla said...

and i said to myself: self! great day!

(is that where you get your rhetoric? economics professors?)