Thursday, October 11, 2007

By George!

on tuesday and wednesday, my biology lab was privleged to make the 4 hour journey down to St. George to participate in doing medical checks on old folk at the World Senior Games. It was a blast- i rode down in a van with our professor, Dr. Booth, and one of our T.A.s, sarah, and 8 other kids from my lab. We took 3 vans and 30 or so people. We left around 12 on tuesday, and got down there around 4. We stayed in an episcopalian church down there, so when we got there we unpacked our stuff into the rooms we were staying in and chilled for an hour and then ate.

Next, we went to the St. George temple and visitor's center. We watched the new Joseph Smith video. It was incredible. Go see it if you havent already- it is well worth your time. We then took some pictures by the temple and then we went to the Senior Games opening ceremony.

this is my roommate, joe

It was fun watching all of the seniors walk around, and they had some local performance groups dance and sing and stuff. One of the groups had some of the dancers run up into the stands, so one of the guys in my van jumped up and started groving with them in the middle of the isle! haha it was hilarious. Some of the old people recognized him the next day and told him great job dancing. it was great.

After the ceremony, we went back to the church and hung out for a while. Dr. Booth then gave us a devotional that was very touching. He then followed it up with an alien encounter he had. And i completely believe him. dont think i am crazy or anything, but i think its true. after that, at about 1230 we settled down into our rooms and the guys in my room all stayed up talking about the gospel and such till like 2. (thats what i love about BYU- you can just stay up all night talking religion).

The next morning, we got up at 630 and headed over to the senior games. We manned stations that the seniors would come to and get medical checks. the stations included blood sugar, eye sight, height and weight, osteoperosis checks, and other stuff. I worked at the glucose station and LOVED it. Me and chris were competing for everyone's business. We would say stuff like 'oh i was saving this seat for you!' or 'Dont go to him- it will hurt when he pokes you' and stuff like that. It was hilarious. and my throat is a little soar.

At about 3, we loaded back up and headed north. It was a great trip-- all of the people in our lab are so close now and we all have these inside jokes and stuff and all the other labs in our class are way jealous. As they should be.

here is a link to all the pictures from my trip. i uploaded the good ones here, but you can see the rest here:

... sorry the picture uploader/my internet is a little wacky tonight... ill try and throw some up here later.

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