Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why I Love May Hall 2200:

1. We are completely random.

(notice the tear in his eye at the end. HAHA! priceless. this is a gem. this could be my funniest one yet. at least to me and my random floor.)

2. If you go to bed before 1, you miss out on some crazy shenanigans. i was woken up to find this guy 'attacking' my door at 1 last night. this one was worth getting out of bed for haha.

we found a street light out in the parking lot that had fallen off its post and broken, so it was decided that it would be added to our fantastic floor decor.

3. We all like each other. unless you are kicking a soccer ball at my door between the hours of 1 and 2 in the morning.

4. One Word: Ninjas.

5. we have an official floor fan club consisting of people (mostly girls from our ward & freshman academy, but also some guys from other floors who are jealous they arent on our floor) who just love us!

6. This should go under random, but we moved a kid's bed into the shower room and his roommates bed into the mezzanine. haha. they have since moved their beds back, put them together, bought a queen mattress from DI and put that on top and the two twins underneath to make a big bunking system. genius. they are looking for a couch now to add to the vast space they now have. well, thats if they cant find a hot tub first. haha.

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Camie said...

I'm cracking up at your movie right now. You know Matt was on 2200 May also, and I was definitely in the fan club!