Sunday, October 7, 2007

this is what i call innovation

So sometimes i get bored and do random things to make my life more convenient.

Exhibit 1. the vending machine.

i had a big bag of mints and some clear space on my bookshelf, so naturally i made a convenient dispenser.
Unfortunately, about half of them fell off during the night, so i had to put less on and have each take up more tape-space.

exhibit 2: the toothpaste dispenser.

simply unscrew and give a GENTLE tap to the container and you are good. now i can multi-task brushing and doing other things with my newly freed hand.

Exhibit 3. The blanket window.

so our room faces the sun and it is really bright. this really impedes my efforts to sleep in, so i jammed pens between the blinds and ceiling to hang our blanket. we had previously tried taping it up, but that only held for like 20 minutes. this has been up since thursday.

Exhibit 4. the new coat hanger.

walking home one night, i found this big cone and decided i needed it, in part because its a random cone, and in part because some of the other guys have smaller ones and i wanted to top them all. it serves well as a coat rack.

my life is just so much easier now, yeah?

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Camie said...

Taylor--you should go into interior design--very impressive!!