Thursday, November 1, 2007

a whole bunch of random.

we'll start with preference. i went with anne pearson, and i went as a (gay) movie director, and she was a ballerina. it was a blast! here are the pictures. and dont start any rumors.
the next event is our halloween partay. we were supposed to have 50 bucks from the hall for decorationg and such. we submitted our list of stuff we were going to buy, then our hall mom went and bought it. using 7 dollars. we got a bag of spiderwebs and 2 50 light strands. great.

so then it was up to us and our genius. First, we transformed a room into a movie theater, complete with stadium seating couches and a projector coming off the top of the closet where we were able to watch the ring. next, we transformed a room into the food room, complete with couch, 3 fridges stacked in a pyramid, inigo montoya on top, and 18 pizzas and tons of drinks. Next, we had the halloween twister game in a room. Finally, we had my room. Joe and i gutted it- we took our our beds and emptied the room except for our closets and shelves. We then hooked up strobe lights and a fog machine and brought in some more speakers, and we turn our room into a dance room. it was awesome.

We also had a mini haunted house at the end of our floor that you had to walk through. it was a great party and we had a ton of fun hosting it. may hall 2200 is simply the best.

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sassparilla said...

glad to see that you're rivaling hinckley 2100 of the year 2001...

and my favorite word in your entry: decorationg