Tuesday, October 16, 2007

and my new official major is....


our floor hosts pizza parties every other wednesday just because we are the best. unfortunately, we had to cancel this weeks, so i tried to ease the let down with this message to all those planning on attending. Take a look at my skills:

Official Declaration 1.

Hem hem hem.

Hear Ye hear ye: by official decree of the may hall 2200 boys and the Spartans volleyball team, you are hearby officially, cordially, lovingly, and any other adverb-lys you like, invited and required to attend the Spartans Volleyball game this coming wednesday, the 17th of Ocotober, in the year of our Lord two thousand and seven. The event will be held at 8 post meridian, mountain standard time in the building commonly known as the richards building.

we woefully realize this conflicts with an aforementioned party on the 2200 floor. We also would like to cordially invite the freshman academy members to attend the 530 viewing of the 'More Perfect Union' in the building commonly known as the Joseph Smith Building.

The pizza party, commonly known as the pizza party, will be postponed until later. More details will come in Official Declaration 2. Prepare yo'selves.

sealed with a kiss,
Taylor Alan Jensen (whose birthday happens to be next wednesday)
2200 floor herald.
how do i look?

well, maybe heraldry isnt for me. it got a few laughs, tho!

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