Friday, October 12, 2007

I love my mama

There are many many reasons why i love my mama- laundry, GOOD MEALS, love, and many other things. My mama takes good care of me. Here is an example
So i had gotten back from St. George and stayed up till 2:45 working on economics and i went to bed. I then woke up at 4 in the morning with an uncomfortable feeling. I looked down at myself and said 'Self: you are sleeping in your streetclothes and shoes. drag your sorry self out of bed, take off your shoes, and put your PJs on'

Needless to say, i was borderline grumpy the next day due to my lack of sleep and stress about upcoming tests. I have been doing really well on not being grumpy when i dont have enough sleep, by the way. This particular day, i needed a little pick-me-up. I looked in my mailbox and low and behold, i got a halloween package!

Inside i found lots of candy, eyeball shaped christmas lights, and a kit to make a NINJA PUMPKIN!! i was one happy boy. I am getting a pumpkin today, so ill throw some pictures of him up later.

my mom is the best, huh?


Camie said...

Taylor--mom is definitely the package queen!! So glad she hasn't lost her touch!

Jared said...

by far the coolest package I've ever seen!