Sunday, May 1, 2011

Putt Putt and Scraggles (and Dad, Jared, Mr. Vean) go to Zion

Last weekend, the Jensen Men took a trip to Zion to go backpacking. We headed out friday morning and to got Zions National Park early that afternoon. We hiked on in through some awesome canyons and forests. We saw some pretty amazing cliffs and waterfalls. We set up camp near a spring about 5 miles in. We got the tents up just before the sun set, so we were good to go! After a scrumptious dinner of Chicken a la King and Chicken and Noodles, we got in the tents and played some rook. It was pretty cozy cramming the 4 of us in a 2 man tent to play rook before bed. All in all, a good day.

Saturday we got up and threw a baseball around for a bit after breakfast. We then started a hike to Cable Mountain, a 3 mile hike from our site. As we got the the trail from our campsite, we found a guy standing there wanting to talk to us. His name was shaun, and he was in the area working and decided to hike through the park that day. He didn't want to be all alone, so we invited him to come along with us. He was a funny guy and chattered with us the whole time. The hike wasn't bad, and the view was breathtaking. We were standing on a 2000 foot cliff! It was spectacular.
That afternoon we got back to the campsite and threw a baseball again (I think we are the first people ever to take baseball gloves backpacking). We also dug a pretty sweet latrine using big rocks for a seat and even a stick as a toilet paper holder! Cool stuff.

We had a nice dinner that consisted of mashed potatoes, sweet and sour pork, and teriyaki chicken. Yum! We played some more rook, then went to bed.

Easter morning we had to stay in our tents for while because it was raining. Bummer. The rain and terrain didn't hinder the easter bunny from showing up, though. He came in all his glory, delivering easter treats to us and easter eggs around our campsite that we had to go and find. Go Easter Bunny!

After breakfast, we had a little morning devotional. It was really good. Dad had hidden some hymns in the topographical maps he gave to each of us at the beginning of the trip, so we sang songs and talked about the importance that the Savior has had in our lives. It was a great way to spend easter morning: a dad and three brothers in a gorgeous part of the country.

We decided to roll out and pack up camp. It had rained both nights and the thought of getting up at 7 in the cold rain to pack up our stuff monday morning to hike out did not seem appealing at all. We packed up and left and drove over to bryce canyon. That place is way cool! We drove and saw some of the scenery on sunday.

Monday morning Dad, Jared, and I woke up and went on a short hike through Queen's Gate (putzer decided to sleep in). It was really cool do go down through the little "pillasters" (as dad called them) and walk through the canyon. Its pretty spectacular. After that, we made the drive back up to Provo.

It was a great weekend, and we made a ton of fun memories. Dad proved he still has his knack for the outdoors! Even at 60, the man still can get it done. Happy Birthday, Pops!

For anyone who missed it, a couple of months ago we put together this video to announce the man-cation. We had to do a lot of electronic stuff to get it together with the three brothers being in different places. But here is the announcement:

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Anonymous said...

Jared directed us to view this post about your trip. He didn't tell us about the video announcement. What a wonderful and fun tribute to your dad. We are happy to hear everything went so well.