Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Weekend Ever

Sorry, no pictures, but...

this was a good weekend.

Originally i wanted to get out of provo and go somewhere (portland, idaho, vegas, southern utah), but everything seemed to fall through. I was asked to teach on sunday, so i gave up and decided to stay in provo. We had a blast. Here is a day-by-day:

we had tried to get a camping trip together, but everything kept falling through and it was cold and rainy. Bummer. Hayley and I swung by the Liberty Square office on our way back from class because its hot dog friday every friday. We got there about 45 minutes after it ended and we asked if there were leftovers or anything. The lady hands us a bag of 60 cooked hotdogs and a huge bag of buns. Holy smokes! Needless to say, i've eaten a lot of hot dogs this weekend. (i ate hot dogs 1-3)

We ended up playing ultimate frisbee with a light-up frisbee for like 3 hours that night. It was a BLAST! We decided to have a campout despite the weather, so we went to a spot that we knew would be warm and dry: mitch's apartment. We set up a blanket fort and all fell asleep super quick because of the aforementioned ultimate game. Solid.

We woke up late-ish. We ate hot dogs (4&5) for lunch and watched the Manchester United vs. Barcelona game (its for the UEFA cup) ((its soccer)). It was a really good game, so that was fun. After that, hayley and I went on a hike/picnic, but of course it started raining. we got back and went to the RB to play soccer in the dark with a group of people. We had been playing for a while and were having a blast, and then we saw a man walking across the field with a flashlight. Busted! it was a security guard who gave us a verbal warning and had us leave. As we were leaving, 2 police officers show up to give us a second verbal warning. They were hilarious! they were cracking jokes and just having a really fun time with us. My favorite line: we are going to take your names down for 2 reasons. 1- so that we can vouch for you and say you guys didnt do any damage here, and 2- so that it looks like we're doing our job. Win-Win, right? the best part of the whole thing is that we are going to make the famed BYU police beat this wednesday!!!! hooray!!

Afterwards, we went and ate hotdogs and watched some comedy. (hot dogs 6-9)

Church, day of rest, no hotdogs, but i did make skyline chili. YUM.

woke up and we went and played kickball (sport #1 of the day) over at the Marriott center like we did when we camped there. we also had a wiffle ball bat and a tennis ball (sport #2) Of course, it started raining on us. bummer. we also lost the ball and poor mitch went crawling through some thorny bushes looking for it. (un)fortunately, we found it in this other place that wasnt the thorny bushes we were crawling through. We then had J-DAWGs which are delicious. (hot dogs 10&11)

We decided, since it was raining, to play Puerto Rico (my favorite board game). Of course, it gets sunny right when we start playing the game. We finished and decided we needed to barbque. Hayley and i threw a baseball for a bit (sport #3), then we all went to the park to have our Barbque. I didnt want anything, but felt the need to barbque something, so hayley and i brought corn on the cob. ha. We threw a frisbee (#4) kicked a soccer ball (#5) threw a football (#6). The park was kinda full, so we decided to come back and play ultimate in the dark again (#7). It was tons of fun!

And thus concluded the weekend. different sports played: 7. Total sporting activities: 11. Total hot dogs eaten: 11. Sports and hot dogs balance each other out pretty well.

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