Saturday, April 16, 2011


Another semester, another set of adventures in intramurals!

This semester, I played intertube waterpolo with the Christiansen Family team. We did well-- we were in the upper division and made it pretty deep in the upper tournament.

I also played coed soccer. Our team was made up of 1/3 of the guys from my guys intramural team from last fall and some girls that the other guys knew. We lost our first game 2-1 (against a team that had 1/3 of the guys from our fall team), then won our next two, then lost our last regular season game. They left us in the upper division for the tournament because the games we lost were pretty hard fought games (i assume).

anyways, we won our first game. Then our second. Then I had the car crash and wasnt able to play in our third game. It was the semifinals, and i was devastated. That was the same day i went to the hospital for them to tell me i had a concussion and that i needed to lay low. It was a very good thing i didnt play-- i had been feeling lightheaded and any small bonk on the head would have been very bad. I brought an extra jersey and gloves and one of the guys on our team suited up. He played really well and had 5 saves. We ended up winning 3-1. I was dying on the sideline. I was pacing and yelling encouragement and all the things i normally would from the goalbox. It was more stressful being on the sideline than on the field!

So we advanced to the finals. I decided to play and wore a headband for protection. The final score? I'll let the picture tell:

1. my favorite number is 8. 2. shutouts are my favorite, and 3. i didnt bonk my head a single time during the game. Perfect!

By winning an intramural championship, we won the much-heralded intramural championship t-shirt:
It already looks good on me
Team 156 (they didnt like the other two names we tried)



ANJ said...

You said bono twice in that post. The only thing that could have made it better is if you has said noggin.

Congrats on the shutout!

ANJ said...

I meant bonk.