Monday, May 2, 2011

A tribute to Dr. Vean

This post is a tribute to Dr. Vean.

"Mr. Vean," you ask? "Who is Dr. Vean?"

Sit down a moment and I'll tell you.

On our way down to Zion, I was talking on the phone to my 5-year-old nephew, Jacob. We were talking about our camping trip and what we were going to be doing. He then asked 'Know what you should name your tent?' "What?" The words that fell out of his mouth changed my life.


I then announced to the car that our tent's name for the trip would be "Vean." Putzer liked that, but decided that if we called it Vean, it'd have to be Doctor Vean. It was also decided by the car that not only would the tent be called Dr. Vean, but every single thing we had would be referred to as "Dr. Vean"

"Hey! Jared! Can you pass me that Dr. Vean?"
"Which one?"
"That one--next to the Dr. Vean"
"Oh gotcha"

Here is a picture of Putzer hitting a Doctor Vean with a Doctor Vean:
And here are the Jensen boys with their Doctor Vean's on their backs
We didn't limit ourselves to just doctor vean. We referred to our mother as "Queen Vean," Dani as "Mrs. Vean," and Putzer and I's girlfriends as "Miss Vean." We also had Commander vean, Master Vean, the Vean Family, Count Vean, Sir Vean, and so on. We also had a surprise vean, as pictured below:


This bird was terrifyingly large. It wasnt afraid of us at all. It sat their, veaning it up, and waiting for some food. Another car pulled up while we were at the scenic overlook and they were too afraid to get out of the car! ha.

Anyways, here is a video of Putzer taking on Darth Vean:

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Jared said...

this makes me giggle... mostly because I was sitting in the room with Jacob and he had since moved on to what to name the babies, leaving the tent behind and he said "lightening McQueen." All of that veaning from something you misheard/imagined.