Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Brain Hurts

Right about.... THERE! is where it hurts.
I went to the doctor on Thursday and had a ct scan to make sure my brain wasn't bleeding. They told me I had a concussion and that i had to rest and take pain killers. That explains my lack of focus, the lightheadedness, the dull headaches, the upset stomach, the drowsiness, and the reason why I havent gotten nearly enough done this week.

PS. this blog post was made because i cant focus on studying....

Hopefully I get better by finals week!

pps. after i published this, colton came in and i told him how i'd worked successfully for 15 minutes while he was in the shower. we then spent the next 8 minutes trying to play a jimmy eat world song at the same exact time on our two computers.

We got it now. Back to studying!

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Jen Ballard said...

haha ari and me try to play songs at the same time too! awesome