Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the road again....

March 15, 2010


Surprise! I've got 4 hours of p-day today-- I am here in the costal city of Comodoro, having driven 9 hours in the past day and a half. Elder Crandell and I are driving our own gira, and its been a blast. He is a funny, humble, goofy kid and we just mesh so well together. Activities in the drive down include: talking about our upcoming zone conferences, mourning and having a little funeral for the armadillo he ran over, chasing guanachos (llamas), drinking Terma (an argentine drink that you pour in and then squirt some soda water in and it is really good!!! its really bitter, but I am addicted. we brought a cooler with just Terma for our drive, and we are convinced that we are the only assistants ever to do so. it was a great drive down. Last night, we stayed with my old companion, elder Taylor, and his old companion, Elder Perez. It was fun-- it's always great to see your old comps. Elder Taylor now has the time that I had when I finished training him. Don't worry-- he's not old yet--he still doesn't grow facial hair :)


This past week was real tough-- I talked about the cut in the ruta. That about killed us because we had people coming up for zone leader consejo and to pick up their new missionaries that couldn't get here. Luckily, the zone leaders were able to get here by Thursday, so we just sent the companion-less refuerzos on the bus back with them. In the mix of the grand disaster, we only worked 15 hours this week and just couldn't escape for more time. But in that 15 hours, we were able to teach 12 lessons and put a fecha, so I feel sad I wasn't able to get out and do my job more, but happy that we were able to really focus on our fechas and get them moving. Now those people are sitting in the hands of the office elders to visit them this week and I'm terrified. Last time it was bad, so hopefully this time, they'll make it through okay!


We gave the familia Sepulveda some white shirts and ties this week. They strolled into church looking really good on Sunday. Lazaro kept asking which tie was for him. The more I tried to explain that they were big people ties, the more he didn't care. It was really funny. Luckily, his mom, Jacqui, saved me. They are just an incredible family. This week we went by and they had one of the boys from the ward there. It's a boy whose parents just had a brutal separation and he is kinda an odd ball and didn't have many friends. Now they have taken him in and welcomed him to their home. They are always telling us to send our investigators over to hang out or to read together, or offering to swing by and pick up investigators to go to church. They are like the perfect family! The members here get a bit lazy, like showing up 30 minutes late and not helping the missionaries. But these are like super members! We put a fecha with their cousin this week. Its a kid who wants to change, and they have just been pouring their testimonies on him left and right, so he is interested now. We are baptizing their grandma next Saturday, so we are all really excited about that. They are just incredible.


I'm happy to say that I've been thinking about my future this gira too. Elder Crandell keeps asking me good questions that make me think, so i think I've got it narrowed down to three fields at least now. I'll probably get that class thing you sent next week when I get back.


welp, I'm going to go. Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaattttttttt week!

Elder Jensen

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