Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 2, 2010


Hi all


It's been a great week down here. We had a lot of setbacks and problems in the office and such, but we have had some great successes this week too. The familia Sepulveda all passed their baptismal interviews last Saturday. President came and did some, and Elder Nilsson did some too. It was such a sweet peace as they all walked out happily, and they are so excited to get baptized on Saturday. On Monday we went over and brought 5 bars of soap and had them all carve a big B for Bautismo--now they are going to remember how their baptism is gong to rinse them clean! haha. It's a fun idea. We have seen some incredible changes in them these 6 weeks. Fernando stopped smoking and robbing, and they boys have dedicated themselves to being good. Jaqui and Fernando are getting married at 10 this Friday, and we are going to have a fun little reception on Friday night in the church. Mom--you remember that Pillsbury cake mix you sent for my birthday? I think that might end up going to this wedding reception. I hadn't gotten around to using it yet, and if figure this is a great chance to do it! we are going to go over tomorrow and decorate a little and make it really nice. The ward is excited for them--our ward has about 45 active people, and the Sepulvedas will now be easily the biggest active family in the ward. And they are all so excited to be there and to learn. Every time we go there, I am just blown away. we leave little hints at what we are going to teach in the next visit and when we come, the hermano just assigns the song and prayer and then calls on some of his kids to share what they've learned and to basically teach the lesson to us. It's pretty incredible. Tonight we are going over for a noche de hogar-- we are going to watch a video and I'm making ´peño corn.´ I am professional making it now—I've mastered it. the first couple of times I burned it really bad in our house and the senior couple yelled at me, but then if figured out I have to use a different pot. Now it's good.


In Chile there was an 8,8 earthquake. It was felt here, but not strongly. It hit at about 3:45ish in the morning. I slept through it, but some missionaries woke up and the people who were awake here in neuquen all felt it. There wasn't any damage here or anything, and all of our Chilean missionaries are alright. Elder Camacho is from Santiago and just found out his family is safe, but their house isn't doing well, but all the parents and everything is alright with the Chilean missionaries. Then 2 nights ago, we had a little earthquake here, but again I slept through it, and again it didn't do any damage.


This is week 6, so we just are finding out transfers. I am really really really excited about my new companion. I'll tell you who it is next week when transfers are official, but I am really excited. I'm sad to say goodbye to elder Camacho though. He has been a really good bud for me and has really helped and taught me a lot. He is just a fun guy who is really professional when he needs to be and always has a good joke to crack when we have a lot of stress.


Im looking a little bit forward to see what changes will happen. Sometimes I get frustrated with people because of dumb disobedient things they do and the lack of focus some people have. But we do our best to animate the people to live better, to be better, and to work better. Its fun. Yesterday we planned out our plans for next transfer and for the next gira and everything. We are going to do our workshop about the atonement of Christ. That will be a good one-- we've been studying it a lot as a mission. Last Gira, president challenged everyone to read the book of Mormon before Easter. Im just starting Mosiah today-- a nice pace of about 12 pages a day. It's been fun looking for ways the atonement gives us strength and helps us keep going strong.


Dad- thanks for sending me your notes from Grandma's funeral. It was touching to read them and reflect on all the memories grandma has given me and for all the incredible things she has done. Dr. Peterson told me there are two kinds of people- people that see a tough situation and change it and make it good, or people that see a tough situation and let it stay tough. Grandma is definitely in the first category and has been an incredible inspiration to all of us to keep working, to live your testimony, and to serve everyone.


We are in a bit of a funk right now--we haven't found any new investigators in about a week. Hopefully we'll break out soon! And look forward to some great pictures next week-- the wedding and 5 baptisms!!


I love you all--

nesneJ nalA rolyaT redlE

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