Friday, April 23, 2010

Argentina update

Dear Readers---

I'm slow to pass along Elder Jensen's letters and in fact I totally missed last week.  The update from that letter is that he will stay as Assistant to the President for one more 6 week transfer.  Then he will have 12 weeks remaining in his mission and he will be "back on the streets" as he calls it.  He is having a wonderful experience!



April 19, 2010


Hi family!


I think week 6 and week 1 are the hardest two weeks. We've been planning an awful lot for next transfer, and are really really excited. I think this is the transfer that we are going to get to 100. We ended with 59 this transfer, but we had so many, WAY TOO MANY, fechas that fell right at the last second. I think a lot of those should get baptized in the coming 2 weeks, so hopefully they'll be able to get into the water. This transfer we have really analyzed what it is that brings success in the mission. My companion and I have talked about it a lot. We think we've narrowed it down to one thing: Desire. If we really desire to baptize, we'll be obedient, we'll practice and get the teaching skills we need, we'll work hard every day. I think that that's the one thing we really have to have to have success. Now the tricky part: teach that to 150 missionaries. But, we are going to do it through a couple of workshops this gira. We've got one that's going to be good- its going to be Dale Bradford's being devastated and putting fechas and having them keep strong. We also are going to do one on using the Book of Mormon and helping the investigators realize how important it is and read it more. President has a riveting talk lined up where he is going to hit hard our call as missionaries, and my companion and i are going to talk about desire and how that helps us be more obedient. It's going to be a good one—I'm really excited.


We are going to do our part to get to 100. we had one of our fechas pass their interview yesterday. His 9 year old brother didn't get interviewed because he is terrified of water. We are really hoping he will be able to see his brother get baptized this Sunday and feel the courage he needs to go get in the water.


I'm glad granny and grandpa are out there. That's got to be a lot of fun. I am anxiously awaiting putzers foto!!! Tell him to write me! It's been a while since I've heard from him. Here in the office we don't have too many changes. The only one is that Elder Henrie is coming to replace an office elder that has been here 6 months. That will be interesting. The one that is leaving is hilarious, lazy, and very entertaining. Its going to be different with elder Henrie because thats pretty opposite of him, but they are going to be a lot more obedient and its going to be good. i love the elders here in the office-- there are some really good men here that I'm working with. It makes it fun because we've all been here at least 3 transfers together, so we know each other pretty well. Last week, we had our first Noche de Hogar (family home evening) in the house. It was really fun. I was kicking myself for not having started them earlier! We played the bag game and had desert and everything! haha. It was great.


I'm glad it's a new transfer. We didn't do well numbers wise this past transfer...transfers always bring a good change and an opportunity to change. We have made some very good and specific goals on how we can be better. This transfer we were very effective with our time, but we just weren't able to get out and work as much as we wanted to. This transfer, we are going to be just as effective with our time working, but we are going to create more of it.


That's about it from the south. So far, transfers are going very smoothly and we haven't had any problems yet. wahoo. Knock on wood!


PS.  I'm going to see Elder Bowen again the first weekend of may--- he's going out to Bariloche for a stake conference and we are planning on being there as a part of the gira.


Your Boy



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