Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still lovin' Argentina!


This coming week is going to be a great one. We finally are getting into the baptismal waters again—Leo is good to go! He is going to get baptized this coming Saturday by his grandpa. We are really excited, and it was been too long since weve baptized here. We also had a nice surprise or miracle yesterday at the chapel... there is a family whose mom is a menos activo but the daughter and 10 year old son come every Sunday. Turns out this little guy hasnt been baptized yet! He wants to get baptized this Saturday with Leo, but we are probably going to have to wait and do it inbetween sessions of conference on the 5th of April. We also are probably going to baptize Leo´s step brother, Lucas, on teh 5th as well. Lucas is 8, weve baptized 2 9 year olds, this new kid is 10, leo is 11, ivan and matias were 12, and bryan was 14. Can you say youth movement? And the best part is is that these kids are just sticking and loving the church. Yesterday, Ivan was sporting a new sweater he had bought, Matias also was wearing a sweater with his shirt and tie, and they were just so reverent and so willing to help the bishop and set up chairs and do whatever they needed to. It is such a joy every Sunday to go to the chapel and see my boys thriving. I told them that next week im wearing a sweater too so we can take a sweater picture 

This week we are going for the standard again. We have a baptism and 2 fechas, so we need to put 2 more fechas this week and get 5 people to go to church. Our district leaders hit the standard last week, so now its our turn, and then we are both going to do it the last week of the transfer. We are really excited and hopefully we will be able to do it! It was a bit of a tough week this past week. For whatever reasons we were a bit down on animo and didnt accomplish all of our goals. This week, we are really going to push it and get the standard!

Yesterday i sang my solo in church. It went great! We have about 24 seconds of it recorded... then my camera ran out of memory! Whoops. It was fun though and i think was one of the few solos i have ever sung in my life. Ophelia wants me to sing another solo, but (un)fortunately, i am probably leaving the 6th of april.

We also started our first weekly english class. We had 3 people show up, and 2 of the three spoke really really well. One is an investigator who said (in inglish when she was introducing herself) i first let you in because you were talking about God and He is a big part of my life. Then you came and invited me to english and i felt somethign... all my life i thought God wanted me to learn english, that He had some special reason for me to learn english, so when you came and invited me, i wasnt going to miss it! I was pretty happy to hear that. She does video web chats every Sunday with her sisters that live in minneapolis and they do a little church thing in english. But we´ll see what we can do with her. It was fun teaching english, and my companion was on cloud 9 because he could speak english! Haha. We made a new rule for him that he isnt allowed to speak english infront of spanish speakers anymore. Im a bit releived, because it was tough listening to him say something in english in an investigators house and then continue teaching in spanish. But now... we are cranking out the spanish!

Im trying to think of what else i have to say for this week. Today we are heading off to the beach! There is a beach pretty close to rawson, so we are going to go throw a ball and hang out a bit.

We had a fun visit with Carlos Busselli yesterday. He keeps having some spiritual experiences that he loves to tell us. It is fun watching him figure this stuff out and continually ahve the drive and passion to keep reading and studying. He went out on a big vending trip to esquel (hes a salesman) and he met a few good mormons out there and had a really neat experience with one of them. He was staying in a hostel and he pulls out his bag and teh first two things he unpacks are his book of mormon and bible. The guy on teh bed near him says Dont tell me youre a mormon! Me too! And they started chatting. Carlos a couple of days later was in a store and saw 2 big pelones ( i think they are called nectarines in english?) and this guys face popped into carlos´s head and said im hungry! And so carlos bought these 2 fruits. He then went back to the hostel and the guy was still laying in his bed sleeping, so carlos set the fruit on the guys bag and left to work some more. When he came back, the guy gave him a big hug and said ´howd you know?´  carlos says know what? The guy says ´i ran out of money and wasnt going to get paid till tomorrow and wasnt going to have anything to eat, so i stayed asleep to fight off the hunger´  Pretty neat experience for our new member, huh?

Well family im off to the beach. Take care, i love you!!

Elder TJ

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