Monday, March 2, 2009

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Queridos hermanos y hermanas míos:

Im running out of creative ideas on how to start my emails. I apologize.

This week was alright. It gets a bit frustrating because sometimes we dont
feel like we really accomplish much. We had a lot of good lessons with
gabriel and Noelia (who probably wont get married till i am home) and they
are progressing nicely. It just takes time to get divorced and remairried.
Their two kids should get baptized while i am still here in Trelew though,
so that is exciting. We have started to do a lot of work with the members.
We have had a lot of noches de hogar and have a few more set up this week as
well. I have a couple of really fun games to play at the NDHs so it makes it
real fun!

Im trying to think of what happened this week that was notable... We found a
new investigator who let us in to teach him a lesson 1. That hasnt happened
in a long time for me! It was great... he had a lot of interest in prophets,
so that was great. Our two return visits didnt go through because of some
random stuff that happened to us and to him, but we are going back Tuesday
morning. Hope hes there and ready! He told us he read and prayed about what
we left him, so that makes him better than about every other one of our

We had 2 fun contacts that same day. The first was right around the bend
from this guy. We were talking to this lady and i pulled out the Bible and
read about Christs baptism. Then i said now it says here he was baptized,
but it says nothing about the actual baptism. He went straightway out of the
water, but what does that mean? She says i dunno. Tell me. I say hey we have
this other book, the Book of Mormon, that helps us understand these things
<she interrupts> The book of mormon?! Get out. Leave. Go! And then she runs
away (it was almost an actual run). We just kinda stood there confused, then
gave a big smile and left.

5 minutes later, we were talking to this lady who was catholic and she was
telling us all this random stuff that wasnt even catholic doctrine. I forget
how it came up, but we were talking about God and where He was. Then she
started saying how he was in the trees and teh Bible says that. I told her
nope. Hes in heaven waiting for us to make the right decisions and come to
him. She then told me im nuts and that people that read the bible are nuts.
I say well, i may be nuts, but i read the Bible and know that God is not
here in the trees. She says well come back later when you have the answer. I
throw my arms in the air and say I have the answer! Come talk to me! And
then she walks away. It was a really funny, energetic contact. Elder Cox was
embarrased to be standing next to me i think. She was standing in her yard
and wouldnt come to the fence to talk to us, so in the middle of the
contact, elder cox sticks a folleto (pamphlet) through the fence and says
Come here! We have a present for you! Its wacky contacts like that that keep
me sane sometimes!

Elder Scott came down to the mission last week, but he could only go to
neuquen, so only the people close to neuquen went. Our zone leaders got to
go, so they have relayed some of his message back to us and it sounds pretty
incredible. We have zone conference this Thursday, so im sure well get more
of what he talked about. }

At our zone conference, Elder Audiukakis is coming! And the bad thing is is
that he is going to inspect some of the apartments! So we spent a good chunk
of time cleaning this mornign because we live with the zone leaders so he
will almost 100% be checking ours. Blast! But i am really excited to meet
him and listen to what he has to say.

Today we are going to Rawson, either to the beach or the Zoo, and then
playing soccer with this family of 8 the elders there are baptising in 2
weeks. Matias is coming with us, so its going to be fun. My comp is lame and
wants to sleep and write letters and stuff, so im with Elder Romero, our new
Zone Leader, for the day. Its going to be fun!

This week, ive been doing some good studying. I have learned a lot more
about the atonement and what that means for me. I especially learned a lot
from Alma 42:22-31. Those are some really good, clear verses that explain
really well Christ´s role in our lives. It is interesting that the more and
more i learn about that, the more i have interest in being better myself and
in helping all the people here in Trelew get better too. It is such a
pleasure being a Missionary and being here to serve the people. I love you
all and hope all is going well. Keep on fighting!

Elder Jensen

Im going to see penguins in jail (the zoo) today.

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