Monday, March 30, 2009

The news from Taylor

Hey all!

I'm on a bit late today... we went out to the chacra (the country) to have an asado (argentine barbeque) with the missionaries here in Trelew. It was fun... we saw a lot of sheep and pigs and cows and fields. The food was so so but that's the fault of our zone leaders! Americans cannot cook asados like the argentines! Haha.

We had an adventurous baptism on Saturday. Leo did end up getting baptized, but it was not without its problems. First, we got there to fill up the font and the door was locked to the font and the levers. Luckily, I am a rock climber and the front doors were open, so I climbed up the glass and jumped down in and turned on the water and then skillfully climbed back out. Another problem was discovered in this first problem... no hot water! Oh no! We have since fixed it, but we couldn't before the baptism. Next problem- the first counselor came 25 minutes late with the key to the closed with white clothes. We opened the closet to find no white pants for Leo. Oh no! Carlos drove us back to our apartment to grab elder Cox's white pants which were a bit big for our 11 year old Leo. Needless to say, it was an adventure. Oh. And I burned the 2 cakes I made. Blast. But, it was a great baptism. I got to baptize him because his grandpa had an accident a few days before the baptism and couldn't get in the water and exert himself. That was alright with me, despite the cold water!

The service was really good. I got to play the piano too... I really like playing! Elder Cox gave a talk and did a good job with it. Our big news in this email is that Leos little brother is getting baptized in between sessions of conference, and so is another little 10 year old in our ward! 2 more baptisms before the end of the transfer! We are really excited, and so are these little kids. Elder Cox is baptizing Lucas and I am baptizing Agustin, so it will be the perfect way to end our 2 transfers together as father and son—baptizing together!

OH OTHER BIG NEWS: We hit the standard again! We put one fecha and had a bit of a miracle having 5 people show up to church yesterday. It was great... we were really excited. Our district leaders hit it last week, so we now call ourselves the district of excellence. We both are baptizing this weekend, so there is a good chance we'll hit it again together. We are doing some good things here in Centenario and Rawson

Transfers are this coming Saturday night and I will have 6 months here. I have only heard of a couple of times a missionary has stayed more than that, so I am about 90 percent sure I'm leaving. I am so sad. Last night we had a good meeting with Carlos and he said the closing prayer and started crying as he gave thanks for the influence I have had in his life. I couldn't help but choke up too. Its incredible the people I have been able to meet and help here and I am so sad to leave them all. Yesterday in church, I blessed the sacrament and Ivan, Bryan, and Matias were passing it. It is just such a joy seeing my boys every Sunday happy and helping people now. This past Sunday they all wore sweaters, so I took a picture with them. Its stuff like that I hope I never forget.

I think that's all I'm going to write today... I'm crunched on time a bit. I love you all and hope you all are doing well. I hope you all know how much I love being a missionary and love the members and the people I am working with.  These past 6 months have been the time of my life.

Elder Jensen

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