Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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I am officially more than halfway done here! woot.

in emails past i have said i am 'begining to like it here' and am starting
to enjoy it here more and stuff like that. Well, i finally LOVE it here. It
is incredible the things i am able to learn, the spirit i am able to feel,
and the fun i can have. I really wake up each day excited about going to my
incredibly long classes and my long long day of work. Over the past few
weeks, i have felt like a firework with a wet fuse...it takes a little while
for that fuse to dry out, but then it will eventually catch fire. My fuse is
about all the way dry and igniting now... look for some sweet fireworks to

My discovery of the week: Ro-Sham-Bo (formerly thought to be a slang way to
say rock paper scissors (thanks to my favorite TV show, Rob and Big)) turns
out to be japanesse for Rock paper scissors. Who knew!?

Medical update for the week: No e coli, salmonella, i didnt die from my 2
bottles of milk last week. I am tired of going to doctors, so i just eat
what usually keeps me healthy. More to come on that later.

We had a celebration a few days ago that was entitled 700. That is how many
days we had left to serve our missions. We also played kickball friday
morning-- you'd all be proud of me because i havent lost my flair. I dove
around 5 or 6 times, had a bloody knee, grass stained shirt and shorts, and
a big smile. I miss playing in grass :)

On thursday night, i had way too much energy ( we have night gym on
thrusdays... i am still undecided on if i like it or not) And so to release
my energy i ran. And ran. and ran. 2.5 miles -- 13000 + steps on the day!! a
new record!! haha. i guess i am a dork.

This week i was made our district's district leader. I am really excited
about this calling because i felt like it gave me a second wind of
enthusiasm. I had the chance this week to review my progress over the past
month and i realized that i am not the missionary i wanted to become. I have
so much work to do to get there. I have so much to learn! i set a lot of
goals for the next few weeks to get me to that missionary i know i can
become, and i am looking forward to the coming weeks to see how different i
will be. I am also holding my breath for the next 4 weeks as well. Our
district was really close, but as of this weekend, every companionship has
an issue within the companionship, and there are some issues between
companionships. I have a feeling like we might have some problems this
week.... i hope we dont though!! its silly to let personal issues get in the
way of our work here.

In Manny El Manzano news, we have another new sprout!!! we now have 6 plants
(and we believe they are tomatoes because they smell like tomatoes). Manny,
Borbujas, Guillermo, Pilar, Esperanza, and we have not yet named plant #6.
If anyone has any good spanish sounding names, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME!!! if
we select the name you send in, not only will we name the plant that name,
you will get a prize!! good luck. Be creative. multiple entries are allowed.
but they must be different days because we like mail. :)

I am looking forward to see Mitch Jergensen and Brik anderson report this
week!!! i saw kevin prier a lot and it is so much fun running into people i
know here!!

I love you all, keep on being good people, keep on sending me
letters/pictures/drawings/cookies/love. It makes my day :)

Taylor Jensen

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