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Week three is done at the MTC! i'm almost halfway out. crazy.

BIG NEWS THIS WEEK: on saturday, i found the sprout of MANNY EL MANZANO!!!
we think he is a tomato, but we really dont know since we planted apples,
oranges, cantalope, and tomatos. He is about 2 inches tall and has two
leaves now. All it took was faith. haha. BUT last night i looked in the cup
again and what did i see---another sprout! We named it borbujas (bubbles)
and its manny's girlfriend. how sweet. We are hoping for them to have some
more friends pop up because we have some sweet names for them. We take manny
outside with us when we study so he can get some light... he doesnt get out
much. Seriously, it made us so happy that our plant actually is growing.

anyways, in MTC news, we are doing really well. Elder Foye and I started
practicing teaching lesson 2 en espanol today and we are goign to give it in
a TE (teaching evaluation) on friday night. We actually felt pretty good
about it. We've started working hard on vocab--we memorized 78 words last
night and put on about 95 more today. We are starting to get a hold of what
we know and what we dont know and we're starting to work on knowing what we
dont know. follow? :)

We wrote a dear jane letter this week in our class. We all wrote individual
ones breaking up with english. Our teacher told us to make them as nasty as
we could. Mine was pretty good...i sealed the deal by busting out my crayons
and drawing a picture of me and espanol holding hands and ingles crying with
a broken heart. we are supposed to speak spanish basically all day. Our
district speaks english in the bedroom and cafeteria and gym, but in the
next week or two that will definently change.

Companionships are hard work here. We have one elder in our group that has
mannerisms that drive the other three of us nuts. We are as a group really
trying to be patient and loving with him, but sometimes it is so hard.

Um. Hilarious story:

so at 4:42 this morning i woke up to the sound of people talking in my room.
I looked down from my top bunk and saw some kid standing in just a t-shirt
in the middle of our room. Turns out it was a brazilian kid from the other
side of our hall and he was sleep walking. So he came in and sat on the end
of elder lytle's bed and mumbled about how he needed to get in bed and elder
lytle (literally) kicked him off. He then kinda knelt on our brown flece
blanket (BYU kids- yes we have a brown!) and just kinda sat there for a
minute. He then got up and sat on elder foye's bed right beneath me. The
whole time we were like Elder Horrshcett you're in the wrong room! go find
your bed! but he barely speaks any english and kept muttering about how he
needed to go to bed. Then he curls up in a little ball on the end of elder
foye's bed. Elder foye, about as patient as i have ever seen him, kindly and
calmly says come on elder i'll walk you back to your room. He then gets out
of bed and kneels on the floor, and then puts his head on elder foye's bed
again. Elder foye helps him up and they start for the door when we see this
elder's three roommates there. They start talking to him in portuguese and
convince him to go with them. He then turns back into our room and goes for
elder lytle's closet and starts looking for his pants (hahahaha). his
roommates then grabbed him and took him back. He left at like 6 this morning
for Chile or something, so we never got to talk to him and see if he
remembers any of it! how priceless is that though? we just laughed for about
20 minutes before any of us could fall back asleep.

In other news, i think in my last email i guessed that i had lost between 2
and 5 pounds. well i weighed myself the following day and had indeed lost 6
pounds in the first two weeks. I am feeling better now, but still cant eat
milk. I talked to my Zone Leaders last night and they one said his brother
and the other said his cousin had had the exact same symptoms/experiences as
me as they discovered they were lactose intolerant. I have a doctor's
appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if i am or not! (ps i weighed myself
yesterday and i am now down 10.5 pounds in three weeks! yikes!) But the good
news is i know what food i can eat that wont make me sick and what food
makes me sick, so the ball is in my court i guess.

I've been asked what i miss most about home and i think my honest answer
right now is my shower. The showers here are a bit better than a rainstorm
and a bit worse than a faucet. And they are TINY! Saturday nights are the
worst here because BYU plays their football games and we hear them sometimes
but we always get updates somehow. (yeah 2-0)!

I really love all the people here. It is so much fun learning and growing
with these unique people and learning what they know and teachign them what
i know. I have been really blessed with the good people in my district and
in my zone (branch). Our branch presidency is AWESOME too. they are such
nice men and they really care about us all and know us by name and stuff.
its great!

I started playing soccer outside. Its a ton of fun, but not as competitive
as volleyball and i am not allowed to play goalie either. but i think i'm
going to be doing that saturdays because we have 11 o'clock gym and its so
nice out on that field. The other days i am running/playing
volleyball/lifting weights. It still is what keeps me sane!

Friends, take care. I'll write to ya in a week. Write to me before then!!
dearelder.com box 185!

Have a GREAT week

Taylor Jensen

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