Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fw: Dear Friends:

Taylor wants all of you to know that he is singing in a MTC Missionary Choir
at the Priesthood Session on Saturday night at General Conference this
weekend. Watch for his smiling face on the broadcast!!

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Subject: Dear Friends:

Hello from sunny provo utah!!

I officially have 3 weeks left...i am so ready to go!! YEAH! it is so crazy
because all of the friends i have made here have started to take off, so its
kinda sad but so exciting at the same time. Next friday is flight plan
friday!! I cant wait...i think it is going to take about 27 hours to get
from provo to Neuquen. I cant wait. (sarcasm).

I hate to say it, but nothing too too exciting happened this week. I almost
killed elder foye and he probably wanted to kill me, but now we're great!!
Najac and Lytle wanted to kill each other yesterday but now they are good. I
think we've all gotten our tough week out of our systems and will be able to
live with each other for the next 3 weeks!

Yesterday in gym, Elder najac and i were playing volleyball and he landed on
my foot and got his ankle pretty bad. At first, we all thought he was just
kinda playing it up for attention, but then last night he took off the ace
bandage and his ankle was HUGE!!! We were really worried about it last
night. He went in to the trainer today and they said it was just a bad
sprain and they didnt think it was broken/ligament damage, so that was a BIG
breath of releif!

Funny story that i forgot to put in last week even though i said i would: So
i eat soy milk still, partially because i have come to like the taste,
partially because i am still scared of real milk, and partially because it
is SO MUCH fun to go and get it! I have to walk back into the big ol'
kitchen and into one of 7 walk in freezers to get it. We can see our breath
and stuff in there! haha. Elder foye is on the soy, and so is elder palmer
(he was our Zone leader and knows the strikes from harvard) because he's
lactose intolerant, and Elder Wooley (who is from orem and we found out two
nights ago that we are basically the same person. We ski the same runs at
snowbird, climb the same walls in rock canyon, go to byu, and hike the same
trails on the mountains! how sweet?!) and he has had the exact same problem
i did his first few weeks. Needless to say, its quite the fun expedition go
go get our milk sometimes. One day last week i said ' hey elder foye-- want
to eat a bowl of cereal IN the freezer??' of course he said yes, so we
marched proudly back there with our coco roos in hand and share a bowl in
the freezer. It was great companionship bonding. We were freezing by the
end! We told Palmer and Wooley about it and the next night we went in and
had a Partay! it was hilarious though because 4 different people came and
opened the door 4 times and it was hilarious because there are these 4 boys
in there eating their cereal! haha. We love it. Its preparing us for the
southern tip of Argentina for sure.

What else happens here? i saw mitch jergensen on wednesday as he was walking
into the MTC-- we were taking a quick break from class so we go and people
watch on wednesdays because our classroom building is right were people come
and hang out and cry and take pictures before going into the MTC. We stand
and watch through the doors--its like TV! I always keep my eye peeled for
people i know. Low and behold--there is mitch! i ran out and gave him a hug
then told him to go say bye to his fam and we'd talk later. I see him once
or twice a day... its so fun seeing people i konw here!

The beginning of this week was super hard as i said in last weeks email. One
thing that i could not have made it through without is prayer. Seriously,
God is listening and WANTS to help us. We just have to ask! It was such a
great experience seeing how his hand works in my life and how it can help
guide and direct me in what to do and say. I couldnt have made it through
this week without Him!

All else is well. I love you all, write me letters! (dearelder.com, box

Anyways, the church is true, Utah is beautiful, I am learning SO SO SO much!
Keep working hard and writing me letters :)

Elder T. Jensen

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