Tuesday, August 19, 2008

See ya in two years!!

Friends, romans, countrymen, americans, citymen, and whoever else: i am leaving on my two year mission today. you all will be dearly missed, and i hope to hear from you over the next two years. My mama is going to keep the ol' blog running with pictures and such, so check in every now and then and write me some letters!

Hey friends! As many of you probably know, i am serving a two year mission for my church. I will be in Neuquen Argentina, which is the southern 1/3 of Argentina. Its the second largest mission in the world! The area goes through the Patagonia area and down to Tierra Del Fuego. My work there will include serving other people, teaching people about my church, and serving the people some more.

I'm not going to have a phone or computer or anything, but once a week i should be able to get to an internet cafe, so i would like to put together an email list so that i can email you guys while i am there! what will happen is i'll write a group email for everyone on the list to read and i'll give some updates on what i am doing and some experience i'll be having. Hopefully i'll be able to get one out on a weekly basis. if not, at least once everyother week or so. (hopefully!) You wont be able to email me back, so...

If you would like to write me back (and i'd LOVE it if you did!) you can do it in one of three ways:

1. EASIEST. go to DearElder.com and click the Pouch (FREE) button on the lefthand side. Then click the toolbar and select the Argentina Neuquen Mission. Simple. my profile page is www.dearelder.com/taylorjensen and the site to get me at is http://www.dearelder.com/index/inc_name/mission_selection/

2. send a letter through the pouch system. this can be better (or worse) than the 1st option because you can color me pictures or handwrite it and make it more personal! this is a service because argentina mail isnt that good or something. If you do this option, you need to have it be a single sheet folded into thirds and a single piece of tape on the top (no envelopes). you then mail that to:
Elder Taylor Alan Jensen
Argentina Neuquen Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT, 84130-0150

3. Send letters/PACKAGES to Argentina: I've heard the mail down there may not be the best, so dont send perishable stuff!

Elder Taylor Alan Jensen
Argentina Neuquen Mission
Zapla 24
8300 Neuquen

Before i go to argentina, i'll be in the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. If you want to hit me up there, you can use DearElder.com again and just click the Provo MTC instead of the pouch and then type in Argentina Neuquen in address thing. you can also send me letters/packages/food:

Elder Taylor Alan Jensen
Argentina Neuquen Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT, 84604


I'll be in the MTC for 6-8 weeks, so i'll have putz put the day i leave up here so you'll know when to switch addresses.

SO after all that info, i'd like your email address and street address! if you are comfortable leaving it on the wall here, thats great. if not, you can message me on facebook or email it to me at tajensen8@gmail.com. I leave August 20th and will need this stuff by about the 16th, so dont delay!!

Contact Info

Neuquén, Argentina

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