Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can life as a missionary be as stressful as the two weeks leading up to it?

here are some twists we've had this past week:

Mama orders 6 long sleeve shirts from brooks brothers that should be delivered on friday. We had nothing by monday, so mama calls and they havent shipped them and they only have 5 in the store, so dad goes to pick them up.

Mama goes to about 500 different stores looking for short sleeve white shirts (i need a slim/athletic fit because i have big shoulders, and no one makes them/they never fit me) and finally finds a nice one, so she orders 6. the packages shows up and there is only 1 in the box. 5 more are being overnighted now.

I get my suits and stuff in the mail from Mr. Mac on monday and try them on, only to realize one of them is real big. we took both of them to the tailor to have them slimmed down (see slim fit issues above) and we find out one of my suits is the wrong size. Mr. Mac overnighted a new one to us and we got it this morning and have to go get it tailored asap.

I'm sure we'll have some more issues in the coming days. hopefully i'll make it onto my mission! haha.

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Janessa said...

Hi Taylor/Elder Jensen! We linked to your blog from Elder Cloward's. Good luck with everything! In his last email he asked us to tell you he's excited to see you in the MTC this week!