Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taylor's letter

February 1, 2010


Hey family

It's been another crazy week 1. I think "week 1's"are the busiest weeks of my life. I think for one of the first times in my life I felt really stressed out this week. I am taking advantage of a little nap after writing this email—its tough when I only have 3 hours on p-day to get everything done I want to!! But we have zone conferences starting tomorrow, and we had to meet with president to get all of that stuff worked out and ready to go tomorrow.

We got some really good missionaries again. I am convinced that the Lord has sent us 3 really really good groups these past three transfers because we need them to put in practice this new stuff Elder Bowen has taught us.  We are struggling to get the mission the faith it needs to keep going on those things. We have seen some pretty incredible changes in some, and just hope we can keep spreading the animo. There is a touch of a sense of frustration or desanimo in the mission because this new energy is a lot of work, and we were very comfortable where we were at. Now we all know what we can get, and some aren't too happy to leave that comfort zone, but they feel bad not leaving it because they know they can and should leave it. It's interesting to see.

We´ve already done a good amount of divisions—I did half of Thursday and all of Friday here with Elder Price, a new zone leader this transfer. It was good—we did some good things and worked really hard. On Saturday, I was still in my area with another new zone leader, Elder Diaz. We had a good day. I think the highlight of our day was at about 6 o'clock. We were just dying of heat and weren't really finding anyone, so we swung by a recent convert's house. He is about 74 years old and just gentle and so fun. He's kinda slow but I just love him to death.  His wife lets us in and we go in. he comes out of the bedroom and says ´what would you like to do?´ I took that to mean he wanted to leave with us, but knowing our plans I didn't really know if he could walk and keep up with us, so I said ´well, we wanted to come here and share with you!´ ´yeah, but what do you want to do?´ ´when?¨  ´after¨  ´well, we've got a couple of people to go visit´ Perfect! I'll come with you!¨ It was great—I was nervous at first, but out we went.  Our first cita was with Mercedes, Daniel (our recent convert)´s mom. We went in and taught. And Santiago (the older man accompanying us) chimed in a couple times and it was just so incredibly on point and exactly what needed to be said. I kinda just sat there in amazement, because he has such a strong testimony and good way to express himself that I had never seen before. As I listened, it was almost an exact mix of grandpa Walters and Paul Bang. Just a voice full of love and right on point with what the spirit wanted them to say. It was a really sweet experience. Mercedes said the prayer and cried as she asked for strength to go to church and to keep getting better. It was a very spiritual experience for me.

We then took him over to another investigator, Jorge, who has been going to church for about a year but hasn't gotten baptized. I heard the same voice come out of Santiago—and it just connected with Jorge. He didn't commit to being baptized yet, but I just feel like we are making a little bit of progress. Well see if he can keep progressing.

We are starting with zone conferences here in Neuquen tomorrow. We have Roca and Zapala this week too. Then next Monday we are leaving to do an 8 day gira. I'm glad its going to be a short one---I want some more time in my area! I feel bad because two of the office elders were working really hard in the area we now have but we just have been struggling to sustain the progress they made. But, we've got a couple of member references that are just awesome and ready to get baptized. We've put the meta of 3 baptisms for this transfer, which is really high for the office (they baptized just 2 all last year), so we are trying to help these people progress quickly

Thanks for sharing about stake conference—that was quite the adventure! I am really glad that we have the spirit that helps us save ourselves when the plans we had made fall through. I have seen it over and over on the mission, and I know that you received some of that help back home.

WOW!!! Lehla is going to MONGOLIA?? Whoa! I heard they have to take tents there. And I thought bringing a sleeping bag was cool. Congrats—she's going to love it.

Thanks for being such good parents! I think you are the best. (and going to be mission presidents some day).


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