Thursday, January 28, 2010

Missionary update

January 25, 2010


Hey family!

It's a Monday. We are catching a quick break and I think this is the best time to email, so here we go!

This week was a bit tough. Getting back after that huge week we just had was great, but we just didn't have the best week here in our own area. It was tough. On Sunday, I decided I needed to get myself to 300 contacts so that I am setting an example and doing what I should be doing. That meant I had to do 106 on Sunday. I got them done, but barely. It was 106 here this weekend. That's toasty! But we did find a couple of good new people. Just not 43. I just hope that we can work really hard here and teach a lot and find a lot here.

We have 6 people going home and 7 coming in. I'm excited for these trainers—there are always a couple of my old companions that train these days. Elder Arguetta is coming up to train, and Hermana LeGrow who was in Allen with us for a long time. It's interesting to see what happens in a mission after the area seventy comes in and throws down the gauntlet. There is always a spike, and then everyone just seems to return to the normal. It's disappointing, and I really am trying to help everyone stay up and work harder, but even most of the zone leaders went back down. I can't complain too much.—in my area we fell in terms of lessons and news. But we are sure trying really hard!

This week we have all of our big meetings—old missionaries go, new come, zone leaders, and then we are doing divisions on Friday. We are starting the local zone conferences next Tuesday, and then the gira starts the Tuesday after that.  We are doing a lot of divisions again this transfer, but not on the gira. The gira is only going to be 8 days because we are going with the doctor of this area South America south. Mom- don't worry. I'm going to have a lot of time in the car to talk to him about my problems… we are taking one car with the 6 of us. I had another problem this week, but now I'ts all good. I think I can't eat potatoes anymore---I think those get my stomach every time. Weird huh.

We finished this transfer with 51 baptisms as a mission. We've improved by 6 each of the transfers I've been here. I hope we can keep going, but jump it up a lot. It's just hard because I know that if we do what Elder Bowen taught we'll get there, but not very many are doing it, so we aren't going to get to our goal of 100 baptisms until everyone commits. We'll just keep pushing them. I hope we have some more roger banisters stand out in the crowd so that it can raise everyone up.

Elder Taylor missed the standard by 1 person in church. Poor guy. He was sick today so when I called him he sounded so bad. Elder Henrie is doing well. He's staying in Junin. His companion just ended…and he has been telling me that elder Henrie has loosened up and is joking more and doing better. I'm happy—I haven't seen him in a long time.
It's going to be a good challenging transfer. No one of the 6 of us in the office left, to we hope to work even harder. Elder Camacho goes home at the end of this transfer, so we made some good goals to work hard until the end. I hope it doesn't wear off on me. I am his ´trunky police´. People aren't allowed to say anything trunky around him or else I bust them. It'll be fun.

Sorry I don't have much to report—I'm pretty burnt out and there are a lot of people that just walked in here. I need a good relaxing pday!!

I love you all. Thanks for your support and for always being positive and uplifting and sharing all the stuff you're learning and doing with me.

love you!

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