Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Missionary News

June 28, 2009


Hey all

All is well here in Allen. I just wrote like 4 days ago, so I don't have too much to say other than we had 8 in the chapel this past Sunday, and we have a baptism this Saturday, and then the 18th, then the 25th, then the 1st (who is currently sitting behind me playing counterstrike haha. How random)

President cook is leaving on Wednesday. Its kinda sad, but I'm excited to meet the new president too to see how the work will be with him. I don't know how much will change... we'll see. We ended this past week with 28 lessons. We're still cruising... in the running back and forth sort of way. It was a different week. We gave a lot of service—I didn't bring my camera today, but i have some cool pictures of me 30 feet up in a tree chopping down branches with a machete. Its pretty cool. We also helped the same family build their house. (its the familia Millequeo- their 22 year old is the one playing counter right behind me.) It's been good to do that because now we have a better relationship with Edgardo and can help him more. He's taken a lot more interest and is listening attentively all the time when we come. We've seen his personality change, and it will continue to change as he puts these things in action. In priesthood yesterday, recent convert Juan Carlos talked with our ward leader from Roca about doing some gardening and clipping branches on the trees and hno Mansilla asked for volunteers and Edgardo raised his hand to come, me and elder Taylor did, and then 16 year old Gonzalo (brother of Octavio) raised his hand. Perfect. We had 12 hermanos and the only ones going to help are the new member, the missionaries, and the 2 future new members. Haha. Oh well!

This morning we painted our house. It was an adventure. We had all of our district and the zone leaders come as well as our new awesome investigator, Luis. It was a lot of fun, but we had to work hard ( we still have a lot left to do... I suspect painting and cleaning will be our morning exercise and after-planning at night activity... bummer) it was not a day of rest, but now our house looks a lot better. I got up and cleaned the tank again because we finally got a lid but the tank was already dirty. I know that the second this house is back and running well I'm going to get transferred. Oh the things we do.

In our district, we threw down the gauntlet with another companionship who got the standard last week and we said we were going to average the standard for this transfer that just started. It was interesting to see what happened this week. Our zone leaders and this other companionship (who both got the standard) didn't come close. Me and Elder Taylor had everything minus a baptism and confirmation, which we'll have this weekend. Its fun when you get your area up and running how it should be. We're working hard, and liking it. Elder Taylor is going to baptize Octavia, so I'm excited for that. I've been here for Elder Cox's first in the water baptism, same for Elder Argueta, and now Elder Taylor. Que bueno! Its fun!

Everyone here is sick. I'm not kidding in every family there is someone. Luckily my comp and I are still alright. We're washing our hands a lot, and they read an announcement in church about washing hands. It's got a lot of people here scared. The hospital is full full full. There is a line outside sometimes, and the world wide flue got here—there are a couple of cases here now. One of the hermanas in our district came down pretty hard with it this week too, so we're hoping she can overcome it quickly

Look forward to some fun 4th of July pictures--- I know all of you will be swimming, but me and my companion will be. Maybe we'll have an American barbeque after the baptism or something too.  I'll definitely be wearing a red white a blue tie.

I love you all. Sorry this was short. I'm a bit burnt out, and I wrote 4 days ago.

And thus I end mine epistle
Elder Taylor Jensen

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