Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey all!!

June 8, 2009


Hey all

I'm sleeping laying down again, so i guess that means I'm feeling better. I just decided last weekend I was done calling hermana cook because basically all that's going to happen is me taking crema de bismuto, immodium, or Ja stomach relaxer. All is well. Most of the time

This week has been a great one. We did a lot of good things. I feel truly blessed, and i feel like I'm breaking through a little bit and really learning and feeling the spirit. I have had about a million great experiences this week, but I'll save you all and only write a few.

This Sunday morning, we went out early to go and pick up some investigators. For the past 3 or 4 Sundays, I've gotten a workout in by running. Running from house to house, waking people up and (trying to) get them out the door. My jog normally includes a 2 km sprint to the chapel when we realize the meeting is about to start, so it's always fun. It keeps us warm too! This Sunday, we walked with 2 people to church, and were blessed to have 5 more of our investigators waiting for us there!! It was a huge blessing and I know its because we have been really pushing ourselves to teach better and to help others grow their faith more. I was so happy! Something happened in our jog though that was really funny. We went with victor to go grab our families and we left him with one family then we sprinted about a kilometer to another investigator. On the way, (we were fasting and I was tired!) I pulled something very un- tjensen8—I tripped and totally bit it. Hahaha. I was running like a football player with my scripture bag tucked under my arm and I fell and basically did a somersault and popped right back up and kept running. I brushed all the mud and dirt off as we ran and I just laughed the rest of the morning. It was great. I was in my nice Sunday suit and had just polished my shoes and my companion thinks I'm nuts. Laugh or cry. I laughed. Hard.

Tamara is awesome. She wants to be a missionary and is already preparing. SHE ISNT EVEN BAPTIZED YET! But she wants a missionary manual, she reads, she prays, she bears her testimony and teaches her sister who has no interest everything she learns. She is the Carlos Busselli of this area. It is so fun teaching her because she is just like a sponge. And she's like a mix of my cousin Megan Kern and Erika Koth—always smiling and laughing and happy. She's fun to teach, and yesterday she told us that I was going to baptize her and Elder Taylor was going to confirm her. ¡Que bueno! Its fun when you don't have to push and verify and push and verify with your investigators. She just does it on her own!

I hope everyone read the Liahona from June--- I LOVED the article about Heavenly Homes. IT was great—I have a lot of room for improvement in my slang and in what entertains me. It was a great article. Ps have you gotten the May Liahona with the conference talks? We're still waiting!

Oh! Big news! WERE GETTING A WASHING MACHINE!!! I am so happy. Its basically a bucket that spins your clothes, but its better than the bucket that doesn't automatically spin your clothes that I've been using. Yay. Also- the tank is still green, and Hector Matus (who ( I have a lot of sadness) is inactive. He hasn't been for 4 or 5 Sundays now and it really breaks my heart. He is still reading—he and I are having a race to finish the book of Mormon. (I'm winning by 12 pages—in Alma 17 estoy) But it just breaks my heart. But hector is fixing our broken pipe as we speak, so little by little things are getting better. And we get to paint the apartment! What fun.

Its chilly here. I like wearing my sweater under the suit, but we haven't had to use the huge jackets too too much. That's fine with me.

I have a huge testimony of choosing to be happy. I said my comp thinks I'm nuts—its because I have chosen to always be smiling. Friday we had a tough day and walked around literally all day. We were sore from soccer the night before and it was tough. But you just have to choose to have energy and be happy with whatever comes in life. I give  a bit of credit to my cousin Megan for teaching me that

Victor is doing alright. He wants his mom to wait till October for some reason. I'm going to have a chat with him tonight. His mom needs to get baptized and wants to and victor is ready to do it, he just wants her to wait. I talked to pres. Cook and he basically said ´that makes no sense to wait!´ we'll see what happens. Their family is doing great though; Victor has really taken it in stride.

My new companion is doing alright. I think the problem with a lot of new elders is that they don't smile enough, because they're tired or don't understand or whatever. He speaks really well though! A lot better than my last new missionary. I'm just trying to get him to be happier and smile! I like training a lot. I feel like I've done it my whole mission so far—2 being trained, 2 transfers training, 1 re-training elder Argueta, and now (at least) 1 training elder Taylor. I like it. Is it easier the second time around? No---its still tough. And it might of been harder this time because i wasn't in love with the area when he first got here (i like it better now).

Our district is going to have about 6 or 7 baptisms. That's pretty good—this past week we worked on being REALLY bold and getting into houses. It works. I basically walked into 2 houses this week. Its fun, but it takes guts to do. Really fun. But when it doesn't work, its really awkward. Oh well.

Thanks for everything you do for me and for all the love you send me! Enjoy reading Carlos´s letter... its really touching for me. Tell aunt Corrine that i was working in the Taylor the argentine picture—you just cant see the multitudes of people gathered around! Haha.

Love you all. Have a great week!

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