Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's getting colder in Argentina!

Week 2 from Allen: a bit tougher than week 1.

We had an incredible week. Incredible in a few senses of the word. To start, incredibly good Monday and Tuesday. We found 6 new people, and each of them were really good. We taught some really good lessons and felt the spirit. And I am starting to recognize it when i teach! I think the key is humility—we have to accept and recognize that our thoughts really are coming from God when we are teaching, and that we must do all that we can beforehand to be prepared to have the guidance of the Holy Ghost when we teach. It was exciting because we have carried on the success we had week 1 together.

Wednesday we had a Zone conference. It was good. President was proud of the work we had already done and told me that already there was a huge difference in the performance of my district. He noted our 14 new investigators from last week and said that the rest of the District is following suit. He then talked about some specific issues in the district and gave me a few ideas of what I can do to help them. I love my interviews with president! He is always so positive and uplifting. I also have to give interviews as district leader, so I'm going to have to follow that example.

The next part of the week we'll label as incredibly hard. At zone conference, we talked about obedience and I feel like every time we talk about obedience we become so stressed about doing everything exact that we forget what our focus is and where our heart should be. If we are more focused on starting studies at 8 instead of 8:00:01 than feeling the spirit and learning, we struggle. And that happened with us on Thursday Friday and Saturday. We fought through a tough weekend of disanimo, as they call it here. It was capped off by our zone leaders showing up an hour and 15 minutes late for our baptismal interview and everyone in the ward no showing us for our weekly noche de hogar in the chapel. It was a tough Saturday for sure. But the only thing we can do is keep pushing through. Somehow, despite our disanimo, we ended the week with 17 new investigators. That's an real high number! This week we have a lot of return citas and I hope it'll be a good week. We have one new that is named Javier. He has already been to church 3 times 7 months ago. We have taught him 3 times and he is reading and feeling the spirit. It is really a joy to teach him because he gets it and wants to learn. He is also 16 years old. Adding on to my youth movement. He is a really mature kid, and we had a very good chat about how to feel the spirit and he recognized that he had had those feelings when he read.

This week looks like it'll be good. One thing that we (I) changed from last week is that when we planned, we basically made a list of the people that we knew and went around seeing if any were home. That's not good because chances are very low. This weekend in church, we set a few citas and from today through Thursday night, we are booked from 6-9. Hallelujah. We are going to do a lot of good work this week.

Its also a bit tricky now because i think i have 2 hermanas mad at me because we aren't going to stay in there house for hours eating, and the other lives far out in the country and wants us to eat with her on Sundays, but i tried to rearrange it to eat on a weekday with her because we cant afford to lose that time traveling, especially on a Sunday. We'll see how . We may not be perfectly obedient, but we can try and do our
Jthat plays out best!

I haven't taken a picture of me and my new companion yet, but I'll be sure to send that out soon!

I love you all, sorry its short today—my fingers are freezing and I can't type fast! Winter is finally coming! I haven't had one for a year now...

Until week 3!
(oh and we might have a baptism this Saturday. Hopefully we have warm water!)


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