Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello from Taylor

Hello my friends.

a little low on animo... sorry if its boring or random...

It has been an eventful p-day… we went fishing! The problem is is that rio
negro is about 12 km away, so we borrowed some bikes and biked for a half
hour, then walked an hour. We went with 2 members of our ward- oñate and
hector matus, who was baptized this past Saturday. It was real fun, but we
didn't catch a thing. Oh well.

This week was a bit of a tough one. We had a really good district meeting on
Tuesday and left really excited to go out and work. But I think literally
every cita that we had planned no-showed us. It was a very disheartening
week. But—we had a baptism. Hector Matus was baptized this past Saturday. It
was a very tender moment. He has overcome a lot to receive this ordenanza.
His family are members but are menos activos and he got kicked out of the
house 4 or 5 months ago for the way he was acting. He realized he needed to
change, and that's when he met the missionaries again. They started teaching
him, and he gradually made the changes in his life to put the things in
order and receive a baptism. It was a great moment. We had elder Argueta
baptize him—it was his first! Afterwards, they hugged in the font and
hector, through his tears, said that the church is his family now. We are
working hard with him to keep himself worthy and take the next step to
receive the priesthood. The church is a continuous process!

At one point this week, elder argueta and I took ourselves to a bridge that
overlooks the big canal here in ashen and took a quick break to watch the
sunset. We had had a really tough day. We were sitting there looking at the
sunset and the canal and were joking around about whether we should just
throw ourselves over the railing. Then all of a sudden, some lady rides by
on her bike and says ´hola elderés!´ We turned and had no idea who it was,
so we decided it was an angel and we went back to work. Still to this day we
have no idea who it was, but the kind voice and greeting was just what we
needed to finish out the night. Afterwards we went and taught 3 lessons, so
it was a good ending to the day!

The district is going so-so right now. We baptized this past weekend, and
now we have 0 fechas in our 4 companionships. Elder argueta and I are
determined to go and work really hard this week because we didn't accomplish
what we wanted to this past week. I think we´re going to have a good week.
I´m going on divisions tomorrow in Roca…this will be my first time as
district leader doing so. I always like doing divisions because you can
learn a lot from other missionaries, and hopefully they learn good things
from you.

Sounds like things are pretty busy back there—eagle courts of honor, prom,
earnings report, babies! Something good is always going on back there!

This week I have a lot of hope. We have some really good contacts and
references that we have citas with. We are really hoping to get some people
going and progressing… this is a difficult part of missionary work. We found
a ton of new people the first few weeks and now we are struggling to see
them again and get them progressing.

I´m glad last week is over and that we started a new week today… I´m going
to study a lot harder in the morning and really use that to prepare me for
the day. For a few reasons, we haven't been able to do personal study a
couple of mornings this week and I really think that affected us. This week,
if our citas don't show we are also going to cut of a finger, so hopefully
that´ll get the message through that we´re here to work and teach

Taylor Jensen

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