Saturday, March 1, 2008

speaking of videos that blow my mind...

So here is the scoop. we went to sundance with a bunch of kids from our floor and ward. Unfortunately, i went to bed at 345 and woke up at 7. i was not tired at all until i took off my boots and sat on the bus. Thats when i totally crashed. the weather was mid-40s, but the snow was alright. it was supposed to rain/snow all day, but it just started snowing on our last run.

While at sundance, eric and i struggled to find stuff that challenged us. But then we found a cliff. an 8 foot, rocky cliff. i gave it a try, and crashed because the snow at the bottom was so deep and heavy. Me and eric then took three more runs each, and your boy landed it on his 4th try. take a peek!