Thursday, March 6, 2008

The new and improved cave!!

Putzer may be the only one that gets this one, but its the logo of Big Black Security from my favorite tv show, Rob and Big. its great, but no one but me and putz will appreciate it for its true value. i think an appropriate analogy would be the gangster version of napoleon dynamite. anyway, i tricked out my dollar DI hard hat in Rob and Big fashion. I am pretty proud of my work.

So i have been sleeping in my cave about two to three nights per week for the past month. The cave, for those who do not know, is a little nest i have created under my bed. I struggle to sleep with lights on, so having a roommate that stays up later than me is not good. I got a little mattress from the lobby (its actually a cushion that is about two feet by 4 feet) and put two blankets on top of it. i then laid out my sleeping bag on top. I then strung my hammock from bed post to bed post pretty loosely so that it would adequately support my feet. I then draped my fleece permanently over the end of my bed and would drape my comforter over the side to block out all light when i slept there. it was perfect. well, i made due with what i had. here is the old cave (i pulled out my storage bin and shoe pile that is usually in the foreground of this picture) :

as you can see, the mattress is tiny and there is sparse leg room. not good.
here is the new:
you'll notice i have retained my food storage at both ends of the bed. I eat well.
you'll also notice my slippers ready for me to slide right out of bed into.

New features of my bed include the new fleece ceiling and specialized Great American Insurance headphones designed and implemented specifically for my cave. in other words, i have two sets of ear phones, and this one will stay in the cave. I also have the old christmas lights still, always a great thing. It also has transferable cell phone and Ipod chargers that can go back and forth between upper bed and the cave. i am set.
this is my pillow and sleeping bag... this is what the inside will look like as i sleep.
this is the aforementioned fleece roof's extension, the bed skirt. this is what keeps 68.3% of the light out. the other 32.7% will be blocked by my comforter that i will hang down over the bed as i drift off into dream land.

Yes, i work hard to ensure a good night sleep. I think this may be my pinnacle, and i might be in danger of sleeping all day. good thing for my transferable alarm clock that can go on the ledge by my upper bed or in the cave with me! (i have never set an alarm on the clock... i always use the cellular. but its good to know i can if i need to!)

the end.


Jared and Dani said...

I had a roommate (I guess apartmentmate because she didn't sleep in the same room as me) that would take showers at about 1:30 in the morning and sing opera (she was a vocal performance major). The bathroom was right next to my room! Jan and I were not impressed, we used to dump a bucket of cold water over the top, it didn't take too long for the early morning practicing to stop.

sassparilla said...

make due?

oooooooooh brother... make do.