Wednesday, February 27, 2008

introducing...the MULLET

So here is the story. I got barber scissors for christmas from santa and have become the floor barber. I have cut Corey, Mikey (twice), Mitch (twice), Colton, Eric, and Stephen's hair. (and done a darn good job, i'd say) So i decided to turn the blades on my hair. I trimmed up my hair after a terrible haircut over thanksgiving break and did a good job of it, but i hadnt cut it since then. Needing a missionary picture with an appropriate length, i decided to cut it. I got done with the top and the sides and was going to get help with the back, but then i looked in the mirror and discovered something that blew my mind...

This is me deciding whether to go hat or not to school today.
this is me deciding hat for sure.
its all business in the front...

but is one big partay in the back!!

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