Sunday, February 10, 2008

answer to yesterday's post:

Hawaiian day at Snowbird! well, we made up our own theme day, and tried to get a discount, but unfortunately, it was not really hawaiian day. in the 37 degree weather, Eric and I told that mountain who was boss in my red hawaiian shirt and blue hawaiian shorts, and eric in his pint top, green bottoms, and water wings (he lost his right one on the second run of the day haha)

it was a fun day. the weather was pretty good. it was a cloud and really really windy at the top, but everywhere else was very pleasant. even this cliff i skied.
E.Z. had a rough fall and looked like he was a frozen guy they pulled out of a glacier or something


Camie said...

I should have guessed yesterday, but I would have been wrong anyway! My guess was that you were skiing during the day then you had a luau at night. It looks like you had a great ski day--here's to many, many more!!

Anonymous said...

cowabunga dude! what a great day