Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Intramural Sporting News:

Its been a while since i've posted. i am happy to say that i am still doing cool things with my life... its just that i never have my camera to take pictures! note to self: take your camera out of your trunk. Anywho, this post is dedicated to my intramural sports and the injuries they have produced!

#1. the Ankle. This happened in my first and only ultimate frisbee game about a month ago. I went up for a sick grab in the end zone, and in an effort to keep my foot inbounds, landed bad on it. A trip the next day to the ER showed i hadnt broken anything, but we are pretty sure i messed up the ligaments a bit. Note: it still hurts when i try and turn left or right off it, and is still swollen on the front part.
#2. No photo available. The Knee. In a soccer game, i landed bad on my knee and it swelled up really big afterwards. I iced it and everything, and the next day it was pretty bad. Luckily, though, it got better within two or three days. it was scary though! i couldnt bend it!

#3. Last saturday in our soccer game, i got a nice turf burn (all my soccer games are on turf.... its a blessing and a curse worthy of another blog post.) anyways, it scabbed up a bit. then last night in my game i opened it up again and it bled a lot! it was pretty intimidating i guess. After then game i took my sock off and it was still bleeding, so i let it run down to my ankle. showering fresh turf burns hurt!!

But, the good news is that our soccer team is currently 6-0. we have scored 36 goals and allowed 2. Thats not too shabby! we are in the tournament now, and played our first game last night ( a 6-0 victory.) apparently we are playing the #1 ranked team in our next game. (rankings are so arbitrary...we'll see how good they really are!)

Moral of the story: Life is meant to be lived in a hardcore fashion.

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