Friday, October 15, 2010

Food Storage.

in the past, i have always tried to have a nice little food storage in case of any emergencies. Freshman year, i had a nice supply of canned goods and other things. (see here)

This year is no different. A couple weeks ago, I went out to the grocery store Macey's to get some icecream with laura moster. When we walked in, they had huge pallets of cereal for $.98 each!!! are you kidding me? i love cereal. So we investigated a little and found out you needed a coupon to buy them for that cheap. Disappointed that i didnt have said coupon, we went and got our icecream. (it was delicious). As we were walking out, i said 'we have to at least ask if they have the coupons.' So we did. And they did-- you had to buy 5 and it dropped the price down to .98 each. WOW. I bought 20 boxes on the spot. STEAL!

I got home and unloaded my goods. I then paused and decided i need more. So i rounded up my roommate, Putzer, and his roommate landon and we raced back to maceys to get some more. A dollar a box? who wouldnt?

The final count: 35 boxes of an assortment of cap'n crunch, peanut butter cap'n crunch, honey bunches of oats, and maple brown sugar life. In addition to that, i have 10 boxes of Chewey Granola Bars (also a dollar a piece).

I am now set for the millennium. I just hope i dont get tired of this cereal!

I also had to get some soy milk to go with it--- 24 little boxes of it!


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Holly said...

in case of worldwide disaster, i'm coming to your house for food. we're likely to survive on cereal on soy milk much longer than on the cases of raw wheat residing in our food storage!