Sunday, August 15, 2010

Forgot to send this last week!

August 9, 2010


A GREAT week! As you know, we were up in NQN for 3 days for the training and the zone leader consejo. We were in meetings from about 8:30 till 5 or 6 every day. It was a lot. But i LOVED it! All of my best friends in the mission were there-- my buds from the office who are now zone leaders, elder Taylor, the office that is still in the office. It was just a blast. And luckily I was so excited to see them-- if it wasn't for that excitement, I'd have been toast. Monday night I couldn't sleep-- i got 4 hours of sleep. Then on the all nighter bus ride Tuesday night, I slept an hour and a half. But I had more energy those three days in Neuquen than I've had in a long long time. It was so fun!


The training was really good. I was really intrigued because nothing was new--- everything we read and practiced came straight out of the scriptures or predicad mi evangelio. There were 8 sessions-- (lets see if i can name them all...) 1. Doctrine of Christ. Revelation through Prayer. Revelation through the book of Mormon. Revelation through attending church. How to begin teaching. asking inspired questions. Oh no... I am forgetting two. Oh well. But it was really good-- there was a big push in not falling into a routine when teaching. We talked a lot about questions and asking inspired questions, and in leaving silence while teaching. I loved it because those things were things I had already started to work on as a teacher. It was a blast, and we all participated a lot. I was struck as I looked around the room.  thought in my mind `wow. How many times am I going to sit down for hours with 20 of my best friends and talk about the scriptures and how to teach like this? It's incredible that 20 20 year olds would gladly do that. I know I don't have much time to put it in practice, but I'm working hard on doing the things we learned. The mission is going to be a lot better, and we are going to be such powerful teachers if we can get this going. It's at times like these when I say `aw man why couldn't I have learned that two years ago??? But everything has there time.


On Wednesday, we went and saw the Sepulvedas. Matias showed me his `mission carpeta (folder) where he has all his papers that he is filling out. He's planning to leave next year. It's incredible to think he's going to go on a mission. I am so happy for him, and he is excited. He's preparing himself very well, and is teaching with the missionaries a lot. He is actively teaching and working with his brother who still hasn't been baptized yet. I love that family so much. And they basically run the ward now. hno Sepulveda is the young men's president. Hermana is the relief society president. Jackie is the primary president. Fernando is the ward mission leader and gospel doctrine teacher. they run the ward. It's incredible how solid they are.


Thursday we went and visited Ezequiel. He's doing great-- he has a suit and tie and his mom bought him a bunch of church DVD`s and scriptures. He is a good kid.


Friday, me elder Taylor, Argueta and Henrie went to Allen. We saw Luis and his wife (who got married that morning. They ended up getting baptized on Saturday). We saw the oñate, Gladys, Edgardo Millequeo, and the Etchegaray with Gonzalo Marquez, and Octavio Moreno (the WML.) it was awesome. I have a lot of friends there, and we helped a lot of people there too. It was great to go and see all of them one more time.


Love you!


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