Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hola from Argentina

August 10, 2009


Big news……

We had transfers last Saturday and I am STAY HERE IN ALLEN TO TRAIN AGAIN!!!!  I was absolutely shocked. I was sure I was out, and the zone leaders said they told the assistants I've been ready to be a zone leader for a time now´, so we all thought I was out as a zone leader, but apparently I've got some more work to do here in Allen. My comp is going out the beautiful El Bolson. What a lucky guy. We have a funny funny video of the transfer phone call. My face when they tell me I'm staying to train in Allen is priceless confusion. But, I'll do what they tell me! President Peterson called us that night about something and asked how I was doing and I said ´pretty surprised´ and he said ´you know, I was too´ so I'm sure something special is going to happen here in Allen. It was a bit tough of a blow for me because I had been thinking I was out, and I found myself on my knees that night praying and saying ´well, here I am. What would you have me do? ´ I always tell people not to ask why things happen, and had to apply that same teaching to my life. But, something special is going to happen here. It means I'll have at least 6 months here in Allen, but it could go 7.5 if i train the normal 2 transfers. We'll see. But, here's what happened this week:

Edgardo and Juan Carlos got the priesthood this Sunday. That was great. Edgardo is SOO ready. Juan Carlos is hangin in there. He still has a lot of evangelical blood in him. But he is very faithfully coming to church and to cut branches with us. He always gives us a big hug, and the phrase ´thank you baby´ is heard about 5 times a minute while talking to him.

Edgardo´s brother, Romualdo, and sister in law, Evilina, decided to get married! They are planning on getting married October 4th! Evilina has been taught along with Edgardo but never could get baptized because she isn't married. But now, she will get baptized! She is in 4th Nephi—she started reading about 3 months ago when we started passing by. I'm really excited. We went over to their house this week and helped build walls—I laid a lot of bricks. It was a ton of fun, and just like service worked with Edgardo, Romualdo and Ruben, Edgardos two other brothers, are loosening up to us. Good stuff.

We have some other investigators who also are planning on getting married. Raul and Maria both want to get baptized so bad, but cant because of marriage stuff. We've got president working on their divorce papers, and it looks like it could come through if i stay three months here. They love us and give us food and drive us around and just have embraced the gospel so well. The other is Luis Tagle. At church yesterday I told Luis I'm staying here to see his marriage and baptism. He said things are looking like they're going in that direction. I really want to be here for his baptism. He has already read the whole book of Mormon and is basically a member. He already visits Edgardo and is really good friends with the people in the ward. He's such a good good guy.

This week, my new comp doesn't get here till Saturday, so i have a whole week. I have 2 options. 1. I go to Roca and kill a week not working in my area. That stinks. Or 2. I find a mini missionary. I put my brain to work and asked Gonzalo Marquez what he's up to this week. He says, well, not much. So, Gonzalo is going to come and live with me and be my comp this week! This will be great, because sometimes we're nervous about him and if he's happy and stuff, so hopefully this will help him a lot. It'll be an interesting week. And it'll prepare me to train—Gonzalo got baptized 2 weeks ago!

Our elders quorum president told me this week that he's going to call Edgardo as 2nd councilor when he gets the Melchezidek priesthood in October. I'm really really excited for that. Our ward is really coming together and really becoming strong. The organizations are being organized, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bishop if i leave in November. (It'll either be Sept 21 or Nov 2). Exciting things are happening, and the font is still going to be filling this transfer. The hermana here, hermana LeGrow, is training too. She has the same problem as me, and we talked to Tamara and Tamara is going to be her mini missionary. That's great---Tamara is seriously considering going on a mission! It'll be a good time here in Allen.

Love you all!

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