Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey from Argentina

Hey Family!

We had a GREAT week. It was a blast—so many good things happened. Ready, set, here we go.

1. We got the standard. They recently raised the levels to get it, and we persevered to get it. On Sunday, we got into a house or two and got some new investigators. We wrapped up all of our contacting, had 10 lessons with a member present and 20 other lessons. It was an incredible week, and we just loved it. Me and my companion are on an all-time high. We just love each other and have so much fun teaching. It's funny because we can read each other so well. I don't even have to look at him to know exactly what he's thinking or what he's going to do while we're teaching. It's really ´one voice´ when we are together teaching. Transfers are Aug. 10, and I think I'm outta here. Half of me doesn't want to go, just because of how well we are doing (not half…just a part ofJtogether. The other half still doesn't like allen  me)

2. We got our washer!!! It's nothing special. It's a bucket that agitates the water. But, it's better than the bucket that didn't agitate the water I used before! I was so happy to have it. Now I'll be able to wash clothes more often. That's a good thing

3. We had a bit of a surprise on Saturday. We went to Roca to do an interview on the 2 kids who didn't pass last weekend to see if they were doing better (more on that in a sec), and we got back to Allen and went to the Marquez to take them across the street to the chapel. Hna opens the door and says frantically ´elders I've been trying to call you all morning! ´ Not good to hear on baptism day. But then after we say uh oh what's going on? She says ´Gonzalo wants to get baptized today too! ´ We then said hmm. Okay. Perfect. Luckily the zone leaders were coming up to interview Gonzalo for the 8th of august and Mariano for next Saturday. So, they came up, interviewed him, we threw white clothes on him, and he got baptized with his sister! It was really good, and actually what we had wanted all along. He originally wanted to get baptized by himself, but something happened that changed his mind. Keep reading.

4. We had a GREAT noche de hogar with the Marquez family on Friday night. This one was a Taylor Jensen special. We climbed up onto the roof of their apartment complex with the flia Marquez and Tamara. We then proceeded to stargaze for about 5 minutes. I then stood up and opened up my scriptures and read some scriptures that I had read while in the mountains in Utah and deciding if God really exists and if I should serve a mission that really had a huge impact on me. I shared those with them, we stargazed a bit more and came down, had a game and a treat and left. It was a huge success. That night, at 1 in the morning, Gonzalo woke up his mom to tell her he felt the spirit really strongly and wanted to get baptized tomorrow with his sister. It was really good.

5. We started up the home teaching program in the ward. Now that we have an Elders Quorum president, we have home teaching organized and we left to do it on Wednesday. I went out with my companion, hno. Arevelo, and my comp went out with Ariel. It was really fun and brought back really good memories of me and Brother Bang. I tried to put in practice what he taught me… leaving challenges for the kids to memorize scriptures and showing tons of love. It was a good experience.

6. I drank root beer this morning for the first time in more than a year. I also made popcorn (I was SO EXCITED when I found pop corn kernels in the store. I think I was almost running down the isles to show my comp. it was a really weird sight for the people there probably. But I like popcorn.) and I also ate Oreos with my comp to celebrate the standard. All things I haven't had in a while.

7. I'm almost out of stuff and time. We're going to the river to have an asado and play soccer

8. I like this number, so of course I had to stop on 8. We had 2 more baptisms next weekend. I'm really excited. It's a fun time to be here. All the members keep saying ´elder you are baptizing like crazy! ´ I like hearing that

I love you all and thanks for the love and support. Sorry if I don't write as many letters anymore… we can't send them through the pouch anymore so I have to mail them from Argentina to the states. That means I will be sending out a batch every couple of weeks or so. Sorry!!

Elder Jensen

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