Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fw: lovin life.

Hey all!

Sounds like you all are having a good time up north! Snow and cheap gas!
What could be better? Haha.

Im writing a day late because we had Zone Conference yesterday. It was a
great one! It was an answer to my prayers, actually. All week i have been
praying to know how and where to find new good investigators and that was
one of the things that was talked about in depth a bit during zone
conference and also during my interview with President Cook. When he started
our interview he said, ´well hows it going, elder jensen?´and my reply was
´i am sure glad its really hard rather than really easy´ This experience of
training is pushing me more than any other calling i could possibly have
here. And i am glad! I figure a lot of missionaries get their growth over
months of being junior companions and then get a tough bump when they get
bumped up to senior companion. Me? I took it in one big hit. Its been a bit
painful, but when i look back and see how far ive come in these 3 short
weeks, it has been so worth it. Ive been very grateful for the blessings ive
recieved from the Lord, and this week ive recognized more His hand in my
learning spanish. President Cook helped me see it a bit yesterday as we were
talking and he said its not very often people get spanish as quick as i did.
I am just always being reminded of little things that the Lord does for me
daily that i never really saw before. Its a process, and im sure there are a
lot more out there for me to recognize!

This past week was alright. We painted another house one morning, we had 2
or 3 really good lessons with Noelia and Gabriel. They both came to church
Sunday and loved it. The ward did okay welcoming them back. We also had 2
menos activos we had been working with come. Our chapel is starting to fill
up!! This coming Saturday night, our ward is having a night of finding
(noche de encuentro). The members are supposed to bring a friend and it is
supposed to be an introduction to the church. And we got put in charge! Oh
no! Tonight we are getting some people together to throw together some
little sketches and a spiritual thought or two. It was kinda tough because
we only have had about 10 days to throw this together. We´ll see how it goes
and if we get any new investigators!

The heat carried on last week a bit. It wasnt as hot, but i had a rough
thurs fri and Saturday with the combination of food i ate and heat outside.
Im doing better now though, and we have a bit of cool weather now too. I
have a list of reasons why i know my call here to neuquen was inspired of
God and i added my second reason this week—

1. I get to sleep in a sleeping bag for 2 years
2. if i were any further north than here, with any more heat, my stomach
would never make it.

Ill be adding more to that list in the next two years.

We are going out to play speedball today. Im really excited—third week in a
row of speedball!! We tried to go to the penguins again, but we didnt quite
get it all together. Next week i think we´re going again. Ill be sure to
guard my camera with my life so i can send home pictures!

The work is going on. Elder cox is having some growing pains, but i still am
too! We are getting along fine, and its kinda fun just being patient with
him and watching him grow. It makes me appreciate my trainer a lot more
now!! We are working hard on the language and on loving the people and on
being happy. Its fun. We always have something to work on. And right now its
finding people to teach!

Sorry i dont have too too much to say about this week. Im kinda brain dead
and am getting excited for speedball. I love you all and really appreciate
the spiritual experiences and insights you send. At times, its tough to go
out and work because its tough, but as we do it, we recieve blessings and i
am always learning more and more about these blessings we recieve in our
lives and how much this gospel really does mean to me.

Take care,
And thus i end mine epistle
I am Taylor Jensen, Son of Keith Jensen.

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